Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm not gonna kick you in your ask!

Kickboxing was what I expected it to be... kinda lame. It should've been called "let-us-see-how-many-pushups-these-girls-can-do"- lesson, 'cause it feels like that was the only thing we did. + the guy who held the lesson was really rude and idk... he had a big ego :D

And then I went to Elixia and I was hoping I would make it to the Reggaeton lesson but I didn't so I just went to the gym instead. 

Tomorrow I have to start reading to my chemistry test that I have on thursday! Oh no, only 1 week 'till test week officially starts totally my favorite time!!!

Here are some AWESOME test answers :D 

I don't negotiate with terrorists... lol :D

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