Thursday, March 31, 2011


Right now I'm making a potato salad for tomorrow, we're having a girls night tomorrow! And tomorrow I also have my Finnish test which I'm hoping will go well. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

You can say what you like

Am I serious right now? Hahah, I'm listening to my 5th grade celeb-crush DARIN. 'Is that why they call it money for nothing, money for nothing...'

But he was cute (or is I guess) EVEN with braces. Gotta give credit for that!


I don't know  if you know this but I'm actually godmother to julle's dog PADME who is the swwetest bitch you'll ever meet, literally :P

She loves me and she always licks my face when I'm here <3 It's like a full face massage!

@ the masters place

Julle wants everybody to know that she is awesome!

And now I'm gonna force her to make me brownies! BYE!
Here's an old pic julle took of me :P

Pic 28- A crazy picture

Idk why I'm proposing to julle? :D

3 vids

Ok, who do I think I am, Ray William Johnson or something? :D No but I saw these three videos and I thought they where soooo cute I just had to share them with you!

1. It's a video of these twin babies talking to eachother. So adorable! TAdadadadadadadadadadad, yeah I know exactly what you mean!

2. A dog that apparently can make it's bark go from loud to quiet, like having a remote controll. This dog reminds me of Hachiko, which is a name we don't use among my friends, since some of them julle have been emotionally traumatized after seeing that movie :D

3.What an awesome view! You'll be surprised half-way through ^^

Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy?

I'm still tired but I can't go back to sleep, I just can't sleep when it's so light outside :/

Luckily there's a sofa and a tv just for me <3 (and a finnish book for studying ofc ;))

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Feels nice eating and drinking a warm cup of Strawberry tea with lemon and honey <3

Dance was fun as always but I got at bit bored 'cause our theme didn't changed so I new the old routine so well. But ofc we had to go through it again, 'cause there where people who hadn't been there before :P

Tomorrow's my last day of freedom and I'm gonna spend it reading to my test, visiting julle and later babysitting Maximus.

Good night!

Medieval Player

I'm baa-ack! And I got the part from our play that I wanted. I'm gonna be playing Johan Fleming, he's a bit of a player (well, I don't think they used the word player in the medieval times) and he's in love with a girl called Sigfrid, but she doesn't love him back! I'm excited. We're gonna be showing the play for our school and my old School st. Olofs school in the end of the school year in this pretty big concert-house and we're gonna have microphones and everything!

Soon I'm going to Dance and I think our theme has changed to MUSICALS which is perfect for me, 'cause I love musicals! I swear, someday I'm gonna see a Broadway play in NY!

Me right now

Emppu's here also and in 1 h I'm gonna go to school!

Pic 27- A picture that always makes me laugh

This was a hard one as well---*searching from Fb/computer photos*---  Ok we found a winner. LOOK at Emppu's face. It looks like she's crying! Hahhahahah, lol.


That was the exact record from yesterday! NOW I'M EVEN HAPPIER! Thank you soo much :)

I just woke up, aah felt wonderful not having a normal schoolday (even though I have to read to my Finnish test -.-)

But I actually do have to go to school today, my drama-club is having a meeting @ 1 o'clock, but maybe it's good so I just don't have to sit at home all day. Besides, it's sunny outside and finally not SNOWING!!!

Now I'm gonna go eat something and maybe read a bit to my Finnish test, have a wonderful day!
Here's and old pic for you:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jippiii, new record :)

I just broke my blog record, right now I've gotten 369 views today, and I know it's not a lot but It means so much to me! So I want to thank everybody who reads my blog, I really hope that I'm not just writing for myself here :P lol.

My evening continues with Project Runway and the new show event that started airing last week!

I AM a winner

About 1-2 weeks ago I made a post saying how I had for the last 2 h been entering competitions on the web and I was hoping I would win something. Well, for the first time ever I actually won! I entered this competition where you just have to vote for the best story in a magazine (that I hadn't even read) and I was the lucky winner!

My prize is worth about 60 euros and I get Decubal-cosmetics like hand and foot-cream and deodorant... Jess, my pachage will be delivered in a few weeks :)

Pic 26- A picture of someone you always have fun with

EMOLIA! Hahha, no my friend emppu is a real funny gal and she always makes me crack up. She does crazy things like pretends she's a brittish turist just because I wanted to know If a store here in finland took dollars as cash :P Lol, she's crazy!

Emppu on the left :P

Rolling in the deep

Wow, it's been a while but some people have been asking me to do a new vid so I did one right now :P I'm singing rolling in the deep by Adele, I love that song and I just learnt how to play it :)

Hope you like it! (some of the parts sounded a bit weird but whatever+ it's filmed with the web so it's not the best quality :P)


Hey hey hey. The chinese food was good and since there were so many poeple eating it only cost 3.40! I have to do some schoolwork still and right now I'm uploading a new video to youtube :) I won't tell you which song I san yet, but I'll make a post about the vid soon :P

Here's a pic of me today:

@ school

Just finished my test, I was the first one! :D hahah but it was prettu easy. Now I just have to wait for my friends to get ready, that might take a while ;) and then I'm gonna force ansku to come and eat chinese food with me! :DD

Wuhuuu, now I don't have any school for 2 days and only 3 tests left! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011


This time I really like it, promise :P

Pic 25- A picture of someone who always makes you happy

Hmmm, this is a hard one, I have a lot of people who always make me happy but I gotta go with...

probably my friend johanna from Jakobstad. I don't see her that often so when I do I'm happy and we always have a great time :)

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Haya! Oh the weather is soo nice right now, in the morning it was grey and I ha to go to the dentist and all BUT I didn't have any cavities and now it's sunny so I feel happy!

Today was a good day, I had a fun time with julle and then in P.E we had different thing like ping-pong and dodge-ball. Then I missed the bus to Elixia so I had to walk/run there but I FINALLY made it to the reggaeton class and it was a lot of fun!

Tomorrow my test week starts Officially but I have a rather easy test, Health-class so I hope it'll be easy. Then on wednesday and thursday I don't have any tests so no school for me! :D

A pic from 2 years ago, about the same time as now :P

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Loca loca loca

Ok so I went to Zumba and it was OK, I haven't ever really been that excited about Zumba, unless it's more like hip/hop and reggaeton and lots of booty shaking ;)

Then when I was about to take my thing the lock to my closet wouldn't open so I I had to break it :D haha oh well, it wasn't mine :P

AND in 1 h----- JERSEY SHORE SEASON 3!! :D

ps.Tomorrow I'm going to the dentist.. Oh joy -.-
me tomorrow...

Pic 24- A pic that makes you happy

Thailand, one of the best trips ever!

I want my baby back ribs

Has had an AWESOME day so far (hear the sarcasm in my voice?) First the clock was shifted 1 hour forward so I got 1 less hour of sleep, then I had to wake up at 8.30 (on a sunday? c'mon) to go to the orthodox church for my religion class. Don't get me wrong, it was interesting to see how different it was from my church (Lutheran) and people were kneeing down and doing the cross-sign but it was 1 1/2 hours long and you had to stand for the whole time :D And they had like a billion scented candles so I got a bit of a headache. But I'm home now and HUNGRY!

Later today I'm prob going to Zumba, nothing else really planned for today :P

OH AND WE'RE EATING RIBS TODAY, omnomnomnomnomn... :D

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Take me back to...

This summer I am saving all my money up 'cause summer 2012 we're heading to RHODOS with the girl, we made that promise a loong time ago :P In the meanwhile I can dream and look at these old ones:

Memories are fresh

Oh oh, what are you waiting for

Pics from today

Pic 23- A picture from the summer

Let the sun shine

yo yo yiggidy yo! Aaaah, the sun is shining and the birds are singing! Wonderful morning! 

Breakfest today ^

Today I'm just gonna read to my test and babysit my little brother. Nothing else special planned for today :P

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dumb & Dumber

Lol, one of my favorite comedies, just watched with my family + julle :D

Pic 22- A picture of a time you miss


Bearded ladies

Julle wants you to know this: She fell on her butt and now it's red and has a hole in the middle :D

Ok I'm hanging out with jullz bullz and heidileidi. Nothing important happened today. 

A magical picture: