Saturday, February 26, 2011

That's what we do at night

The rest of my very ordinary saturday evening was spent watching the last episode of a finnish show called putous and I also saw Melodifestivalen, the swedish eurovision song contest. I managed to fix up 3 pairs of sunglasses and before I go to bed I think I'm gonna clean up my room. A normal thing to do at 11 in the evening, right? I also have a pair of jeans I should sow (the new ones that are already broken -.-) well, maybe i have to wait for my grandma to visit (she's the best with a sowing machine)
AND I have a very special friend that turns 17 next week, maybe I'll have to fix up something for her too ;)
If my jeans would've ripped like this it would've been ok... but no, they had to rip from the crotch -.-


Anonymous said...

uh... hells yeah!! ;)

the evil mastermind

peace out

JasminLovely said...