Monday, February 28, 2011


Omg, I'm so exhausted! At first, when I was walking to the busstation (we were in a hurry to catch the bus to go to Balet) and the I noticed I'd left my bag at school. So I ran to school and then over the ice on aura river all the way to the busstation and MISSED the bus. There were some other girls who also missed it, so we took another buss, but we went to far with it and kinda got lost. we had to walk back a long way and I was already really sweaty. Then we took another bus and finally made it to the balet-class, 15 minutes late though :D

The balet was HARD, it was supposed to be a beginners class but the teacher made us do things with our feet that were NOT POSSIBLE.

Then I went to Conga in elixia which was really fun, felt like I was dancing in a carnival.WELL, atleast i've had a lot of exercise today :P
My best friend is a great ballet dancer :) (stole this pic of her from Fb)

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