Monday, February 28, 2011


Sorry for not blogging today, I've been super busy. Tomorrow the new Elixia opens, we'll see if I'm gonna go pay a visit. My membership should be premium, which means I can go to any Elixia in finland.

Now I'm waiting for Sex and The City to come on tv and then I'm going to bed. Sleep tight!

Ps. My dad is watching Beowulf. Man this movie freaks me out. And it sucks!
Pss. Watched the Oscars. DAMN, James Franco should have won best actor! But Natalie Portman wa beautiful he deserved to win. Sorry for the spoilers :P


Omg, I'm so exhausted! At first, when I was walking to the busstation (we were in a hurry to catch the bus to go to Balet) and the I noticed I'd left my bag at school. So I ran to school and then over the ice on aura river all the way to the busstation and MISSED the bus. There were some other girls who also missed it, so we took another buss, but we went to far with it and kinda got lost. we had to walk back a long way and I was already really sweaty. Then we took another bus and finally made it to the balet-class, 15 minutes late though :D

The balet was HARD, it was supposed to be a beginners class but the teacher made us do things with our feet that were NOT POSSIBLE.

Then I went to Conga in elixia which was really fun, felt like I was dancing in a carnival.WELL, atleast i've had a lot of exercise today :P
My best friend is a great ballet dancer :) (stole this pic of her from Fb)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who wants to go to school!

Not me. Well, seeing all my friends, that's oK (OK fine I MISS THEM!I mean I haven't seen any of my friends today :P) but all the homework and PHYSICS and MATH... not looking forward to that.

I don't think I'm gonna watch the Oscars after all, then I'd have to wake up at 3 in the night... or who knows, maybe I'll do it :D

Peace Out!

And the Oscar goes to...

Today I'm gonna go to Zumba and later we're gonna visit my grandmother so my day is pretty filled up. And the oscars are on air tonight. Maybe I should watch it live? I have school tomorrow but I start 9.30... anyways, I'm gonna record it just in case :P Who would wanna miss an event where you see hot stars and beautiful dresses??

Saturday, February 26, 2011

That's what we do at night

The rest of my very ordinary saturday evening was spent watching the last episode of a finnish show called putous and I also saw Melodifestivalen, the swedish eurovision song contest. I managed to fix up 3 pairs of sunglasses and before I go to bed I think I'm gonna clean up my room. A normal thing to do at 11 in the evening, right? I also have a pair of jeans I should sow (the new ones that are already broken -.-) well, maybe i have to wait for my grandma to visit (she's the best with a sowing machine)
AND I have a very special friend that turns 17 next week, maybe I'll have to fix up something for her too ;)
If my jeans would've ripped like this it would've been ok... but no, they had to rip from the crotch -.-

Hey now, this is what dreams are made of

Me, julle and Emppu watched one of our favorite movies from our childhood, The Lizzie Mcguire Movie. Hahha, she used to be our fashion ikon when we were younger. Good Memories :P

Pretty much everybody should see that movie, AMAZING acting skills. No, I'm just kidding, the acting and the whole plot is pretty lame but we didn't think about that when we were 11 years old?!

Facebooking through history


Three Amigos

I'm here at Julle's with Emppu. We're gonna do something FUN!!!!


Good Mornin. Nothing special planned for today yet but I definetly wanna do something :) Right now watching supernatural with emppu :P BYE! Blog ya laterz...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Supernatural Time!

Watching spn with Emplia Miss Baramaxx jouuuuuuu :DD

Ruisrock 2011

Btw, forgot to tell you that the bands playing @ ruisrock 2011 have been revealed:

The Prodigy (UK), The National (USA), Fleet Foxes (USA)
Bullet For My Valentine (UK), Hurts (UK), Primus (USA), Robyn (SWE)
Anna Calvi (UK), Bring Me The Horizon (UK), Carpark North (DEN), Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan (UK/USA), Nekromantix (USA), Sabaton (SWE)
Amorphis, Apulanta, Happoradio, Jätkäjätkät, Jenni Vartiainen, Jukka Poika & Sound Explosion Band, Kotiteollisuus, Paleface, Pariisin Kevät, PMMP, Raappana & Sound Explosion Band, Scandinavian Music Group, Uusi Fantasia, Von Hertzen Brothers
AAH I'm so excited! Hurts, Robyn, PMMP, Jenni Vartiainen... It's gonna be good ;) Ok, this makes me miss summer even more. I think I'm gonna go cry in the corner now :P

I'm ssooooo...

BORED! Like out of my mind bored :( I wanna party. I wanna dance. I want it to be summer and all of this SNOW to melt away!!!!1 AAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAH... I need it to be summer. Now. I think I'll die soon if it doesn't get varmer and sunnier soon...

And in 3 days school starts again. Oh god...


Well, the train trip was pretty boring but I got to see my little monkey of a brother <3 And I got all of my homework done.

Now I'm waiting for my mom to come home and make me some TORTILLA! Yuum :) LOL- TACO PICS!
"God karen, you're so stupid!" hahhah Mean Girls

Is it wrong If I say I kinda wanna eat this baby?

Chu Chuuu

I'm off! BYE!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm back from the game, we left before it ended but TPS was leading 2-1. It was ok,hockey isn't really my thing, after all, I've been watching football all my life. BUT we did make it on the screen once with Heidi!:D

Tomorrow I'm gonna pick up my brother from Tampere, so basicly I'm just gonna take a 2 h train trip to Tampere, my brother is coming from Vörå. Then we have 10 minutes to switch to the train back to Turku. Yeeaah, I'm SOO exited -.- Hahah, no but I'm happy to see my brother and I have some homework to catch up on so at least I have time. But I'll be home by 2 o'clock so I still have time to  maybe do something in the evening :P

Like Really

Here's a pic from today with Maëlyss and heidi, trust me, there were a LOT of uglier pictures too :DD

No Strings Attached

Yesterday we saw the movie no strings attached with Julle, Kata, Ansku, Maëlyss, Heidi and Rebecka. It was a good romantic movie but similar to all the other Ashton Kutcher movies. Then I slept over @ Heidi's place and this morning we ate pancakes and it was soooooo good :)

Later today I'm going to a hockey game with Heidi, those are all the plans today :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Header!

What do you think? I like it! It's a bit american themed with the red and white :P Here are some other pics we took today with julle:

Never Satisfyed

I changed my layout AGAIN :DD No but the old one I got a lot of questions if the backround was someones bruised skins (?) so I obviously didn't wanna keep this one. Now this new one really doesn't go with the header but I'm gonna make a new one today :)

Other plans for today are seeing a movie with my friends, maybe hanging with someone, maybe going to Elixia and then Sleepover @ Heidi's :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We're back from our usual sauna with Julle, we did some pretty weird stuff like clapped our hands to make a beat and the nother one had to guess what song the other one was clapping. I don't know if you understood that :D And then I serenated a japanese song to julle when she was taking a shower :P lol, we're geeks :D

@ julle's

Best movie-theatre in the world?

Just read on Fokis blog about this movie-theatre in Siam Paragon, Thailand called Nokia Ultrascreen and it looks just about the comfiest movie-theatre I've ever seen. You can lie down and you have your own blancet and if I understood right each and every one gets to choose the laguage of the movie themselves... wow, impressive!

Didn't find a better picture

I've actually been to Siam Paragon 1 year ago when we were in Thailand.
Another BIG mall in Thailand

I really wanna go back to thailand someday, it was one of the best trips so far :D

Grannys and Old men

I had a great time with Emppu today, first we went to the fleamarket and I found a black scarf, a black shirt and a black handbag (and an old man who smelled like pee :/)

Then we waited for the bus for friggin 30 minutes (!!!) and my new jeans broke (talk about quality) Then we just went to Arnold's and once again we found an old man who smelled like pee :/ but he started running as soon as the security men found him :D

Here are some pics from today:

UGLIEST PIC EVER OF ME ON MY BLOG :DDDDDDD I look like a granny...or that killer from Lovely Bones

Black & Grey

Me today. Soon I'm of to the flea market with Emppu. Btw, I'm watching 'Misery', the movie based on the novel by Stephen King, MAN that woman is crazy! The craziest bitch I've ever seen :OO :D


Right now I'm lying on the sofa watching Sex and the City with a blanket wrapped around me. I don't know what I'm gonna do today yet but I'm definitely gonna do something with emppu. I don't know about the yt-video though, I'm feeling a bit sick :(

Monday, February 21, 2011

Only the great

Whaaat? just read on Fb that a baby in Egypt was just named FACEBOOK? C'mon, that is probably the most horrible name I have ever hear (right after those crazies who named their baby Adolf Hitler... yeah, they didn't keep that baby) 
Right now I'm watching a great movie "Alexander". I totally forgot how many 'famous' actors are in it, Colin Farell, Jared Leto, Angelina Jolie, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, that kid from Gossip Girl who is Serenas little brother :D
Anyways, it's a great movie because not only does it have a great cast, it's historical and well, you should know your history. 

I still have to catch up on some Supernatural, Ive been a total un-fan and missed like the last 3 episodes (and Emppu is going crazy :P) Don't worry dean, your still my nr.1 demon-hunter :)