Monday, January 31, 2011

Just remember there's a lot of bad everywhere

It was so wonderful to stay in the shower and listen to Wild World from skins... and then watch America's Next top Model :) In 30 minutes Sex and the City is on tv but in the meanwhile some sweet music from Skins. Top 3 songs of the day:

Ok the Wild World video you have to watch from Youtube and just press Here to get to the song :)

Mmmm, Hamburger...

Hello all you people who actually read this blog, who ever you are! :D
Salsa was good and next week i think we have Conga (?) instead. Tomorrow I have No School!!! and on Wednesday I'm going to a lyrical Dance lesson on Elixia :p

Oh, what else... yeah I'm like really really hungry and I have to take a shower so BYE!!!
Omg I want this hamburger SOO BAD right now...

It's the sound of my shoes

Here are my shoes that I brought today!Aren't they cute?
Today I also had my English test which was easy and then after school I hanged with Ella and Ansku for a while and now I'm gonna study to my German test and then I'm going to Salsa :)

+ Tomorrow I have no test so NO SCHOOL!!! Ps. The picture's a fail, I know :D

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I missed TWO

Oh Nananana

Here are some pics from today :) Me and my mom went to see love and other drugs and it was a good romantic movie, kinda cute and sad (and a lot of naked people :D) and then I came home, ate and read to my german test that I have on wednesday already a bit, so I don't have that much to study later :) The white lace top I'm wearing is a gift from my mom :) Thank u mama <3

Right now I'm downloading some music, What's my name, Who's that chick, Wild World ect... :)

Before I tell about today...

Here are some pics from yesterday :)

Aaaw, isn't Emppu's dog frodo CUTE?? :D

Love and Other Drugs

Yesterday we pretty much ate taco's, sang karaoke, watched tv and went to bed :P And went to the sauna :)

Today I'm gonna go watch Love and Other Drugs with my mom at 3 and when I get home I still have to read to my test a little bit. Those are the plans today! :D

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I whip my hair back and forth

Here are some pics I just took :)

There are things to do

Good Morning! I slept really well last night! After checking my facebook and some blogs ect I'm gonna take a shower, then I'm gonna study to my English test and clean my room.

And at some point I'll take two buses to get to emppu's place... And then I have a movie-ticket that expires tomorrow so maybe I should go to see a movie?

We're probably gonna go see Love and Other Drugs with my mom tomorrow at 3 :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oldie but Goodie


Math test completed. I think it went well but we'll see. After school I went to town with Ella and we had a real nice long chat, heheh, the subject is secret though ;)

Then I went to pick up my brother from school and now I'm home. It's only gonna be me and him today so we're going to make Tortillas and I'm planning on watching skins :P He's planning on playing his nintendo so we both have something really important to do :D

Tomorrow I'm gonna study to my English test and then me and julle are going to Emppu's place for a GNO (all of you who haven't hear Miley Cyrus song and don't know what GNO means, it means Girl's Night Out) :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Take a shower, go to bed. Just Dance was ok :) Tomorrow Math test, I'm out!


Sorry for not blogging but I've been super-busy. Dancing with Michael and Madonna was superfun! It was a bit hard 'cause they had already had the routine for 4 weeks and it was the last time so almost everybody (but me) knew it but I'm a quick learner! Next week we have Lyrical Dance, I'm really looking forward to that.

In the gym I saw 3 my teacher's :D lol, but it was very relaxing, after the dance lesson I went to the gym for 30 minutes and they had like 5 tv's so I watched a Grey's Anatomy for a while. Then I went to the shower and to the sauna and I even had time to blow-dry my hair before my mom came to pick me up :) I think I'll keep that routine now, it worked out really well.

Today I finally got my math-test back and I got 5/7 points (YESSS!) and I also got my best number yet in my mouther tongue essay AND me speech about Åbo was the 2nd best in my class, so to sum it up, it's been a good day. And in music we sang Viva La Vida.

Now that I'm done practicing for my ACTUAL math test I'm gonna chill (watch Skins) until I have to go to Just Dance in Elixia...

PHEW, Long post :D

Ps. My blogging will prob be pretty poor 'cause my test-week starts tomorrow BUT after that I promise lot's of posts with pictures and all!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dance with Michael and Madonna

Today was a very nice day in school, I had music and we got our testes back and I got 9 1/2 so I'm very pleased. Then in English we only had to listen to Speeches so it's been a very chill day. Now I've been studying to my English test and I've already done my homework for tomorrow so I'm all set. Later I'm going to Dance with Michael and Madonna in Elixia! Hope it'll be fun!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My evening continues with House and hoarders (that actually fits together, house-hoarder).

Ps. Skins season 2 is really annoying, everybody's miserable, Tony's retarded and Maxxie's got a weird stalker... I'm HOOKED!

Dear _________

Speech done. I ended up writing about Turku (Sorry julle, I wasn't gonna read a speech for your funeral in front of the whole class)


I've been home for 2 hours now and I've finished doing my math homework and I've even studied to my test on Friday but now I have to write a SPEECH in Swedish and I have NO IDEA what to write about!

I'm probably gonna write a speech to a family member or something like that... So I better get started!

I have a dream.. Oh yeah, someone already used that :P

Monday, January 24, 2011

This week


I'm sweaty but it was fun! I had Dance Theme today on Elixia, basicly you have a different Dance theme every month and this month we have Salsa. I'm really not that into Salsa but it was really fun becuase we had a cool teacher from Cuba and our ruitine was fun :) On wednesday they also have a Dance theme lesson but the Theme is "Dance with Michael and Madonna", sounds awesome!

I have to take a shower now and then I'm gonna watch America's Next top Model :)

Just take a chill-pill

Good morning, soon I'm off to school but now I have time to chill a little!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's my own cheating heart that makes me cry

Well, obviously, me and Julle didn't go see the movie, it just came so late and we have school tomorrow (but I start 11.30, hiihi) 

Now I'm watchings Skins, 1. season 'cause I haven't seen it and there pretty much nothing else to do :D

Tomorrow I only have Music, English and P.E and then I'm going to this Dance class in Elixia so it's a pretty chill day!

My brother is so cool

Hahha, look at this video I found from 3 years back of me inteviewing my brother :P AAAW HE's SO CUTE (and he couldn't say r right :DD) For you who don't understand swedish he's basicly saying that he wants to go to america and he says hi to his friend, nothing else really :D

Papa Please?

I'm home now, Pallokala was good! Now I just finished writing my music essay and I have to e-mail someone about a possible summer job! And I forgot my bus-card in Ansku's car today so I had to pay myself home and tomorrow to school, that's why It got so complicated with this movie. I'm hoping that Julle's brother would like to drive us there or from the movie home and then my parents could MAYBE pick us up? So now I'm gonna go convince my dad to come pick us up! So much to do, so little time :D

- - - -

Byee , I'm off to town to meet up with my friends!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Don't we all just miss summer?
Ps. Pics copyright Heidi :))

Hollywood infected your brain, you wanted kissing in the rain

Tomorrow I'm going to see the play PALLOKALA with my friends and all my friend have to go to the orthodox church (for some reason that's what our Religion-teacher wants) but I don't have to BUT I am meeting them in town before we go to the play.

Now we're probably gonna watch a movie and tomorrow I may be going to see a movie "Morning Glory" with Julle, but we'll see :)


My zumba enden hours ago (and it ws good, my neighbour who is a little cute girl asked me If I'd taked a shower, I was so sweaty)

Well, I should be home right now BUT my parents and my brother weren't home and none of the neighbours were home with a spare key but luckily my other neighbour Kati, who works at Elixia (and I went with her to zumba today) let me stay here at their house untill my dad comes home. My dad should be home by now but I promised to babysitt my neighbour's 5 children for a while so soon I'm going home. And the first thing I will do is take a shower and EAT! :D4

Good Mornin'

Waiting for my mom to pick me up after a very jassi-julle evening with our traditional sauna, a movie, some facebooking and editing our secret book ;) 3 o'clock I have zumba and I have some homework still to do today so that's pretty much my plans today! :D

Have a good day ya'll

Friday, January 21, 2011

Found from Julle's Data