Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We all have a friend with a retarded laugh

Hoarders is soooo addicting :D I just still can't believe the amount of CRAP people keep in their houses :D

Right now i'm just waiting for Skins to start and i just watched this video my friend were talking about... I think it really doesn't need an introduction :) Don't you just love laughing (BTW, I totally get that girl who just cant stop laughing, she's waving her hands... ahahha, I love when that happends, especially if you and your friends are doing it at the same time :D)

This video should really be called: We all have a friend with a retarded laugh :D (You know who you are ;))


Anonymous said...

du menar säkert mig... fast jag har int retarded laugh... bara mycket handmovements :D

JasminLovely said...

e de hä ansku bansku? I så fall joo du o JULLE!