Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mommo is here!

My beloved grandma is here :) Yey! Before I return to my post i have to tell something funny that happened just now. I was chatting with Julle on FB and she said that she's already in bed, and I asked "wow, really? already?" and she was like, "Yeah, it's 10.30?" and I was like "no... it's NINE THRITY (I almost wrote thirsty :P) And there was a pause and julle said "great, i'm 1 h ahead :D" Ohhhhhh, FAYUL!
Me and mommo <3

Okei, so i was gonna write about my super busy weekend:

-bring shitload of stuff to school, lottery and fleamarket stuff + cookies that mommo baked
-"Fancy christmas dinner" with friends :D

- Christmas Basar at school from 10-14... Everybody who is in Åbo on saturday is welcome to pay a visit at Katedralskolan! Musical performances, lottery, flea-market and cafe :)
-Pre-christmas dinner with the family and relatives

-Lucia at IKEA
-read to Spanish Test

-Lucia at school
-Spanish test


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