Sunday, December 5, 2010

Got that sunday feeling... oh wait!

Still have 2 days before school starts again! YES! And I've counted I only have 5 days of school and then we're going to FLORIDA! And one of those days is Lucia so it's not a normal day :) *happy*

So yesterday I went to a party with julle, heidi, kata and ansku. I have some pics that I took with my phone before we went from Turun Tuomiokirkko. Turku really is so beautiful when there is snow on the ground!

A weird thing happened when we where waiting for the bus. A woman who spoke english came up to me and asked if a knew what this statue was named. The funny thing is I should've known, 'cause I had a projekt about that same project! But I didn't ofcourse, and I just said to look for the plate that says the name :D

So as you know, some of my friends are coming over today so i have to clean the house and figure out what to serve to people :)

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