Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hey! So today has been o.k, school then Lucia practise, RVP-gym class and now I'm at home watching America's next top model, on of my fave reality-shows (I admit, I'm a reality junkie :P)

Today I also bought a gift that starts with an I, remember how I said we were gonna exchange gift randomly at the glögg evening, but we ended up not doing that, 'cause everybody couldn't come. So instead we're gonna have a REALLY FANCY "dinner" at McDonald's (hahah) and we're gonna exchange them there :)

And I still have to find something to sell/donate for our schools lottery and flea market that we have on this basar-thing we have on saturday (and I'm gonna be singing there :))

Phew, okay. I'm done

Tyra's soooo pretty!

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