Friday, November 19, 2010


Hi it's me (obv, who else would it be?) and I'm still bored out of my mind! And nobody's probably gonna read these totally unescesary posts! But I don't care 'cause I'm bored! Yeah, I've pretty much watched Shane Dawson videos for the last 2 hours (yeah yeah yeah, I'm a youtube-nerd, whatever) and I actually haven't watched any of his main channel vids 'cause they're really not that funny anymore...But his Ssk Shane vids are crackin' me up! ( I realize every time I have a youtube marathon I start talking like them :S)

And i was also thinking about maybe tomorrow make a new youtube vid with me singing! Watcha think? I was thinking maybe Cee Lo's Forget Fuck You. Good or Bad? Any other suggestions?


jullan said...

hahaha tänkte just samma att fan du låter som raywilliamjohnson :D:D

JasminLovely said...