Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top Chef?

I felt like a cooking-genious today! First, I made this dip and my dad tasted it (and he's a really good cook) and he thought it was really good! And just now i made a banana-strawberry smoothie that tasted (if I must say) like HeAvEn <3 Maybe I should try out for Top Chef? Ok, I don't think Mama Noodles and IKEA meatballs with Sweet & Hot Chli Sauce will take me that far... :'D

Tomorrow I have only 3 classes in school (normaly only 2 but we have 1 extra finnish class) and I'm also going to FunBic with Kata.

Now I'm just gonna chill by the tv (hahha, when don't I do that?? :D)

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