Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yeah, it's a friggin snowstorm outside. Like I said, i'ts finally winter!

Today has been pretty normal and nothing more exciting then some exercise and reading a book is really happening. The book I'm reding right now is called 'Before I fall' and it tells about Sam who dies in a car accident and the re-lifes her last day over and over again. It's not the best book I read but it's good, easy reading you know!

Just read that the book is gonna be made into a movie. I love seeing how the book is different from the movie. Usually the BOOK is a lot better but Dear John, I personally thought that the movie was a bit better. It was pretty neck and neck :)


Saba said...

Hi Jasmin, my real name is Saba. I found your weblog accidentally. Im frOme Iran. And I wanna be your friend. I enjOy y0ur blogs. Your little brOther he's so funny. I like him. and if you ask me I like the secOnd header that you have made.
'BeSt wiShezZzzZzz

JasminLovely said...

Hi Saba! So cool that I have a reader from Iran! Yeah, I like my brother too :D I'm still thinking of making some other headers but thanks for your opinion!

With <3- Jasmin