Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mr. Nobody

Just came home from Skanssi, and I got a pair of shoes! Sorry, don't have a pic of them but I'll try to post one soon. I was also looking for a jacket but I couldn't find one :(

Tomorrow is Father's Day and my grandpa and grandma are coming over for dinner. My dad already baked a mud-cake and now my mouth is watering from the smell.

I've actually been pretty effective today! I read to my biology test and I cleaned my room. So the rest of the night is pretty much all chilling. Gonna watch Glee (obv) and I was thinking about watching Mr. Nobody with Jared Leto (HOT). Heard from my friend it's good. Hope so! I haven't really seen a lot of his movies, except The Requiem of a Dream, which is REALLY good!

Ps. Nobody bit me last night and there is no demon haunting my house. Just so you know :D


Saba said...

HapPy new header! It's make your weblOg so beautiful.what a skillful dad! How was the caKe??;)

JasminLovely said...

It was delicious :D