Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'll be there for you!

Hey, hey, hey! What's up guys? Nothing really much to tell about today actually (well, nothing I can tell in this blog ;) )

Yesterday I watched this document about this girl in Sweden who got raped by a guy who first confessed (then took it back) and got sentenced, but almost everybody in her school and in her town TURNED against her! They wrote mean things about her and gossiped, said that SHE was a liar? WHAT? Why? Why would she lie? Everybody treated the boy with respect and the girl was forced to change school 'cause she was so badly treated. The boy even raped ANOTHER girl and got a sentence for that too, but people still claimed that both of the girls where lying! Unbelievable!

Anyhow, I'm gonna watch friends and take a shower, luckily I start 9.30 tomorrow so I can SLEEP!

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