Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How come..

... the woman who leads our FunBic group has NO RYTHM AT ALL?! I mean, didn't she go trough some kind of schooling. I'm not kidding, she literally missed almost EVERY beat... annoying -.- :D Besides, her routines are kinda booring and we do the same movements again and again... Hahha, hope she doesn't read my blog :D

Remember when I wrote 'bout my brother still beliveing in Santa. Well, today we watched Elf together and I started asking about Old Saint Nicholas. I asked how Sanat gives his presents and he said : 'The chimney (DUUHH?)' but then I said: 'Well, what if you don't have a chimney? We don't have one' and it took him a minute but then he said: 'Well, he has this see-trough rain that he puts his presents in and it goes trough the roof'
... riight, not quite sure I belive his theory. But who knows, maybe he'll discover this see-trough rain and become famous. Next Albert Einstein, perhaps?
Yeah, I know. I suck at paint :P

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