Monday, November 29, 2010


Brrrr, it's cold! And I had to wait for my bus about 15 minutes...

Today has been good, started 11.30 and I had music and English so it was pretty chill :) In music we formed a band and it's called... THE SHINING STARS! Don't worry, it's a joke really, the name, it's supposed to sound cheezy :P

Then I had spanish and now I'm home. I just watched an episode of Hoarders and there was this crazy cat-lady. They found over 90 cat's in her house and 2/3 of them were DEAD! YEW! And then there was this other guy who felt like he couldn't for example throw away a water bottle his mom bought, cause he thought she wouldn't love him, or that his dog would die if he threw away it's hair :S WHAT? Yeah, i get it, it's a diseas BUT c'mon, how hard is it to just throw away trash. There are so many people who are actually suffering in the world and your biggest problem is you can't throw away the trash you have in your house... that's... stupid.

So tomorrow I have lucia practise after school and I'm gonna do some exercise so Ill probably blogg laterz in the evening :)

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