Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today is all about the dad's! I gave my dad the Muse cd I bought for him as a gift ( I actually think my brother was more excited about that:D) and I made him  breakfast in bed! And now he's super happy! I can honestly say he's the BEST dad in the world! Love him <3

Btw, watched both Mr. Nobody and the time Travele'rs wife. The Time traveler's was at first kinda cheesy and a bit booring but in the end the plot became more interesting and I actually kindaliked it. Now Mr. Nobody was pretty weird but I did like seeing how his life would've been different if he had made a different choice...

Today i'm gonna read a bit to my test, make a card for my grandpa and then later we'll have dinner with them :)

Happy Father's Day all you dad's!

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