Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Goodmorning. Goodbye

5 minurtes after I woke up Julle called so now i'm gonna go to her place :)

The weirdest thing happened last night. I was still watching tv upstairs and it was past midnight when my brother came upstairs and he just sat next to me. I tried to ask him what he was doing and that he should go to sleep but he just said, no I wanna stay here. So I woke up my mum and eventually he went to my parents bed :D It was so weird... maybe he was sleepwalking? Idk :P

Now I gotta go and walk through this snow-storm to Julles. Oh one thing, I'm watching Adventureland and Ryan Reynolds is in it and he's like Kristen Stewarts ex? I just can't imagine that :D

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