Saturday, November 20, 2010


There's this thing going on on FB where you have to put your fave childhood character as your profile picture. So I thought I'd kinda do the same here and show you and tell you about my favorite things as a child :)

 Well, Pokemon was my absolute favorite. My Aunt who lives in Florida once sent me as a birthday gift a picachu walkey-talkey, a pokemon watch that you could change the shells on and a pokemon plate and I thought it was so cool! I also had a pokemon themed birthday with a picachu cake and my mom dressed up as Ash! I had like 200 pokemon cards untill my neighbour TRICKED me into giving them to him... and I never got them back :(
And my favorite Pokemon was JigglyPuff! Sorry, don't have any pics of my awesome birthday party :( BUT IT WAS AWESOME!

I also liked Noah's Island that was about this island with animal's and Noah was like the leader and he was a polar-bear and there was this really cute animal that always said OISKI POISKI!

I also likes Teletubbies and my favorite was Po :) I still think I have a mini-Po that talks when you press the belly

Just realised this is Gonna be a LOOONG post :D hehe


This is harder. Well my favorite disney movies are Mulan (I thought the guy who she ended up with was really cute) and Pocahontas( I couldn't say John Smith so I called him John Shit instead :D). And I also love Toy Story and I used to imagine that my toys would come alive too when I wasn't in my room :D I like this movie called Bug's Life too.. and...yeah, I liked a lot more movies but can't think of them now :D

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