Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Casting Books: Before I Fall

You know how I said I love to cast movie in my head? Well, why not do it in my blog?

Samantha: Ok, I actually don't have a clear picture of how Sam looks (and since I rarely read the desciptions of how the characters look, I'm a bit lazy) I'm just gonna throw this in here:D The girl on the cover is good but somehow I also think of Shannon Lucio who was in the o.c... Although she's not blonde :D

Lindsay: Ok Linsay is popular, beautiful, Bitchy. Ofc after watching The Hills and Mean Girls names like Kristin Cavallari and Rachel McAdams pop up

Elody and Ally: Sam's and Linsay's best Friends. Like I said, I don't really read the descriptions well so I might be TOTALLY off (like when I first read New Moon and I thought Jacob was african-american and Sam Uley was ginger :D) but I imagined Elody Black with short kinda hair nd ally a brunette, kinda nice, sweet and a bit dumb :D

Obviously NOT rihanna  but her hair and Fiercness :D

Kent: EASY! Aaron Johnson <3
Juliet Sykes: This character was also very clear in my head. Mia wasikowska who was the newest Alice... 

AAAnd, that was pretty much it. Btw, I just finished the book :)

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