Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Just came home from FunBic, and we danced BOLLYWOOD and SWING! It was hard but fun :)

So today has been a kinda good day, in school we had this delicious Chili con Carne Suop and Nachos! And we had a 'meeting, idk what to call it, where they showed some cool animations a few students had made.

Today I also voted for the first time in this church thing (Kyrkovalet in swedish). I don't really know who I voted for but at least I did my duty as a member of the church!

It's actually really importante to vote. As some of you may have read/heard, recently they aired in finnish tv a debate called "Gay-night" where they talked about gay marrige ect. And the woman representing the church spoke some really negative  thought about gay people. And THAT resulted in over 30 000 people LEAVING the church in Finland! In like a week!

So because so many people who WANT gay rights left the church and now can't vote to change the right homosexuals have now, the people whoa re still a part of church should use their vote! Besides, for the first time the voting age is 16!

So if you haven't voted, VOTE NOW!

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