Thursday, November 4, 2010

3 days

Hi! YEEEAAAHHHHHHH! No more school for 3 days :)) So tomorrow I'm going to JAKOBSTAD with my very best friend Julle.
Today has been pretty normal, I had a presentation on Gaga and our NY food week continued with some sort of Chicken sauce with rice AND nachos :P (Lol, why would nachos be a New York food??)
Today I also signed up for the Lucia Train in school. I've always wanted to be in one and on 2nd grade our class was in charge of Lucia. So I really REAlly REALLY wanted to be Lucia so we voted and I got to be... A STUPID ELF! :D I was soo sad and since then I've always been away at Lucia day but this time I'm not!

Ok, so soon I'm gonna go to Bailafit. Can't wait, since we're dancing Hip Hop!

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