Monday, November 15, 2010


Yep. It's test week again. But this time I only have FOUR tests and today I already completed the first, Biology, so that means only 3! And all the other days when I don't have a test I have a day off. So that means more blogging (and reading, ofc)

But other then that, in music we had this STOMP-project where you had to make sound with your body (like clapping ect) and kinda show a story. My group did a scene where I was the teacher and the others where students.

After Spanish when I was walking home it started RAINING and I got soaking wet. But now I'm in my warm house.

Tomorrow we have our first Lucia meeting and I'm going to Julle's house for som BFF-Time.. and test reading :D So I'm looking forward for tomorrow!

Haha, see that scar on my lip? yeah, I got it when a boy bumped into me and my tooth kinda...went- through my lip! And I couldn't smile for a few days 'cause it hurt too much and my friends tried to make me laugh all the time so I looked like a retard... Oh, good times, good times <3

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