Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Languages = Privileges

Yess! My prayers have been answered! SKINS STARTS TOMORROW! Okay, it's a re-run of season 3 but season 4 starts after that (okay, I've seen that one too) but aahhh, It's Skins.

Right now I'm watching Pakkoruotsi-ilta on tv, It's basicly a show where they discuss weather they should remove this law that says that finnish people have to learn Swedish in school. As you may know I speak both Swedish and Finnish as my mother tounge. It's kinda funny to watch Adults yell at each other. I personally don't have the opinion that everybody HAS to learn Swedish, but don't start complaining if you can't get a job because you can't speak Swedish. It's not that hard, and it's not like I don't have Swedish and Finnish in school. I think learning to speak different languages is a privilege. I take German and spanish in school. And I have a lot of Finnish-speaking friends who have told me they wished they knew Swedish better...

...the thing that REALLY bothers me are the things people think of Swedish-speaking people. Not gonna name them here though. Anyways: GET THE FACTS RIGHT BEFORE YOU GO JUDGE OTHERS. That's kinda a life-philosophy, I guess :P

I'll be there for you!

Hey, hey, hey! What's up guys? Nothing really much to tell about today actually (well, nothing I can tell in this blog ;) )

Yesterday I watched this document about this girl in Sweden who got raped by a guy who first confessed (then took it back) and got sentenced, but almost everybody in her school and in her town TURNED against her! They wrote mean things about her and gossiped, said that SHE was a liar? WHAT? Why? Why would she lie? Everybody treated the boy with respect and the girl was forced to change school 'cause she was so badly treated. The boy even raped ANOTHER girl and got a sentence for that too, but people still claimed that both of the girls where lying! Unbelievable!

Anyhow, I'm gonna watch friends and take a shower, luckily I start 9.30 tomorrow so I can SLEEP!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Brrrr, it's cold! And I had to wait for my bus about 15 minutes...

Today has been good, started 11.30 and I had music and English so it was pretty chill :) In music we formed a band and it's called... THE SHINING STARS! Don't worry, it's a joke really, the name, it's supposed to sound cheezy :P

Then I had spanish and now I'm home. I just watched an episode of Hoarders and there was this crazy cat-lady. They found over 90 cat's in her house and 2/3 of them were DEAD! YEW! And then there was this other guy who felt like he couldn't for example throw away a water bottle his mom bought, cause he thought she wouldn't love him, or that his dog would die if he threw away it's hair :S WHAT? Yeah, i get it, it's a diseas BUT c'mon, how hard is it to just throw away trash. There are so many people who are actually suffering in the world and your biggest problem is you can't throw away the trash you have in your house... that's... stupid.

So tomorrow I have lucia practise after school and I'm gonna do some exercise so Ill probably blogg laterz in the evening :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hi! The weekend is over :( Luckily I start school at 11.30 tomorrow! :D Jess! Today has been a chill day, we baked some gingerbread nd we've just hanged with the fam. I'm pretty much counting days 'till we go to Florida! I wanna go so bad! Only a few weeks left...

Tomorrow I have spanish so don't wonder if i don't blog tomorrow :) Have a lovely rest of the weekend :)


Merry 1st Advent! For you who don't know what that means, it's the first sunday of four in total. It's kind of a countdown to christmas and we call it "Little Christmas". You light a candel and maybe bake gingerbread, drink glögg and listen to christmas-music :) Other then that I'm gonna do some homework... 

here are som pics from last year Little Christmas:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Almost late

Yeah, got a phone call 15 minutes before 6 and Emppu said "yeah, the play doesn't start 7 like I thought, it starts 6!" Greeat, luckily my mom drove me and I got there just in time. Our first seats sucked but then we changed to some free single's seats and I sat in the front row. Wow, man, those actors could really sing. It was really good, just wished I would've seen more then just half of the play from the front row :( But I recommend!

So now (If my family is ok with it) I'm gonna watch glee :)

Les Miserables

Just came home from Mylly. I found a winter Jacket from Kapphal and we're probably gonna buy it today or tomorrow :D

Today I'm gonna go watch Les Miserables at Åbo Svenska Teater and we were REALLY lucky to get the tickets, when Emppu went to book tem there where only TWO left :D I'm really looking forward to this, I've heard it's good!

My magic brings Voldemort to the yard, and I'm like "That's hurting my scar!"

Harry Potter was reaally dark and reeaaallly good :D In a way the best movie, although I love the two first (and the fourth one). There where some realyy random parts though:

1) Emppu CRIED, like actually cried when (SPOILER-ALERT) Hedwig, the owl, died... and it wasn't like a really sad part either, it was like "avada kedavra" *puff* "Hedwig..." *hedwig falls* *emppu cries* Harry: "Meh." :D

2) There was a guy sitting in front of me who looked JUST LIKE VOLDEMORT from the back. I had this feeling he was gonna turn around and scream "Avada Kedavra!"

Friday, November 26, 2010

Feelin' Good

Didn't have time to blog yesterday, sorry :(

Today a new period started and i had a really good day. I used to have an awful german-teacher but the one I have now seems really promising... Other from German I had math, mouther tounge and English (and PE)

In PE we played basketball which was just ok 'cause my teacher know NOTHING about it. She thought there are defenders and offenders... After that I hanged with emppu, julle and hannes for a bit and now I'm home. Gonna eat, take a shower and watch some tv 'cause at 9 we're gonna go see Harry Potter 7! Can't wait!
 aawww, remember when they were still young...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So today I've been at Julle's house and we did all kinda stuff that isn't interesting to blog about. Then I went to FunBic which was booorriiing, like I said before, our "teacher" sucks -.-

So now I've watched an amazing episode of Grey's Anatomy and gone to the shower. Tomorrow i have my last test, keep your fingers crossed for me! :D
 Ps. I miss florida already.. only, what? 20 days?

Goodmorning. Goodbye

5 minurtes after I woke up Julle called so now i'm gonna go to her place :)

The weirdest thing happened last night. I was still watching tv upstairs and it was past midnight when my brother came upstairs and he just sat next to me. I tried to ask him what he was doing and that he should go to sleep but he just said, no I wanna stay here. So I woke up my mum and eventually he went to my parents bed :D It was so weird... maybe he was sleepwalking? Idk :P

Now I gotta go and walk through this snow-storm to Julles. Oh one thing, I'm watching Adventureland and Ryan Reynolds is in it and he's like Kristen Stewarts ex? I just can't imagine that :D

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wake up

Just came home, it was a good hour, there wasn't a lot of jumping, more muscel toning so thta was cool to do only that for a while :) Although there was this annoying woman who obviously hadn't been there before, she looked really uncomfortable and she had this face like she thought everything we did was unnecesary. And she complained. A lot.

You know what also happened? They played a Hillary Duff song :D I used to love Hillary Duff when I was younger, I have her cd and I bought Lizzie Mqguire VHR:s ... Brought back memories of me and my cousins listening to that CD over and over again :D

Back to Black and White

In about an hour i'm gonna go do some exercise, now that I've eaten, cleaned my room a bit more, read to my test and watched a Michael Moore documentary 'Capitalism: A Love Story'. It was interesting, although I really don't understand anything about money, politics, wall-street ect. I did get one thing: BANKS ROBB PEOPLE. I guess that was the whole point of the documentary and it sure made you think.

Here are som Black and White pics I took today :)


Just woke up at 11 o'clock...aahhh :) I'm gonna eat some brunch and read to my test and either watch supernatural or Adventureland, don't know yet...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Skins Usa...

Ugh, just saw the trailer for the American version of skins... WHY do they have to make a remake of a show that is already great? I LOVE skins but the american version is so not cool!HERE'S A link to the american trailer and below a vid of the ORIGINAL skins :)


Well, well, well, just cleaned my room and it's tip-top again. I love my room after it's cleaned, I feel like I just wanna hang out there and never leave (ok, maybe not but you get the picture)

Today I watched a documenatry 'A boy interrupted' about Evan Scott Perry, a boy who commited suicide at the age of 15. It was very sad and I can't imagine going through anything like that. A family member, a friend, someone you love just ending their life. So sad. And the saddest thing is that it happens every day. There's nothing else to say really then that it's awful.

Ok, moving on to something not so sad and gloomy. ONLY 22 days 'till we go to Florida! Can't wait!

My friends are cute

Hi guys! just came home from school, the test was easy and I've already read a bit to my next test on Thursday! It's gonna be a chill 2 days from now on :) Here are some pics I took today:

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Winter Mornings

GoooOOOOoooD Mornin' everybody! It feels like a good one for me atleast, I'm not at all stressed out about my test and outside it's white and cold and my hair actually decided to cooperate with me today (all time first?) and yeah... Wake up in the morning feelin' like P Diddy! :D

Hope you have a great day!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I haven't really been in a bloggy-mood but on tuesday and wednesday I have no school so I'll blog more then...
Tomorrow I have my music test and after that I only have my Finnish test and on Thursday Julle is coming here for a sleepover... And on saturday I'm finally gonna go see Les Miserables with Emppu so... it's looking like an OK week :))


Sorry, for the lack of posts today, came home from Heidi's and I started reading to my test. Feeling pretty confident, it's music and I'm pretty good at that and it's not hard so yeah, hopefully it goes well.

So yeah, like i said i read to my test today and yesterday we watched Knocked Up with Heidi and it was nice to be with her for a long time. We also did facials and I was supposed to take pics, but the facials weren't like cool pink ones, they were see-through so it would've been just pics of me with no make up on and a jelly-ish face :/

But I do have pics of my nails that I painted and some random stuff I took while Heidi was cleaning her room :D+ a pic of some body/washing stuff I got from my mama!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


There's this thing going on on FB where you have to put your fave childhood character as your profile picture. So I thought I'd kinda do the same here and show you and tell you about my favorite things as a child :)

 Well, Pokemon was my absolute favorite. My Aunt who lives in Florida once sent me as a birthday gift a picachu walkey-talkey, a pokemon watch that you could change the shells on and a pokemon plate and I thought it was so cool! I also had a pokemon themed birthday with a picachu cake and my mom dressed up as Ash! I had like 200 pokemon cards untill my neighbour TRICKED me into giving them to him... and I never got them back :(
And my favorite Pokemon was JigglyPuff! Sorry, don't have any pics of my awesome birthday party :( BUT IT WAS AWESOME!

I also liked Noah's Island that was about this island with animal's and Noah was like the leader and he was a polar-bear and there was this really cute animal that always said OISKI POISKI!

I also likes Teletubbies and my favorite was Po :) I still think I have a mini-Po that talks when you press the belly

Just realised this is Gonna be a LOOONG post :D hehe


This is harder. Well my favorite disney movies are Mulan (I thought the guy who she ended up with was really cute) and Pocahontas( I couldn't say John Smith so I called him John Shit instead :D). And I also love Toy Story and I used to imagine that my toys would come alive too when I wasn't in my room :D I like this movie called Bug's Life too.. and...yeah, I liked a lot more movies but can't think of them now :D

Insert Title Here

Good Morning! It's snowing outside, yey! 
Today Im just gonna chill, read to my test, paint my nails BUT when Heidis done with having dinner I'm gonna do something with her... and maybe, just MAYBE someone else might miss me before that? :)

I'm just gonna put some random pics you haven't seen yet :P

Good Memories :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


Hi it's me (obv, who else would it be?) and I'm still bored out of my mind! And nobody's probably gonna read these totally unescesary posts! But I don't care 'cause I'm bored! Yeah, I've pretty much watched Shane Dawson videos for the last 2 hours (yeah yeah yeah, I'm a youtube-nerd, whatever) and I actually haven't watched any of his main channel vids 'cause they're really not that funny anymore...But his Ssk Shane vids are crackin' me up! ( I realize every time I have a youtube marathon I start talking like them :S)

And i was also thinking about maybe tomorrow make a new youtube vid with me singing! Watcha think? I was thinking maybe Cee Lo's Forget Fuck You. Good or Bad? Any other suggestions?

I'm Bored.

Yeah, I'm seriously bored. Really really bored. BUT tomorrow I'm atleast gonna hang out with HEIDI which I haven't done in a LOOOONG time and I'm really looking forward to that! I spent a lot of time together in the summer but now we barely have any classes together so I haven't like really seen her in a long time (I mean I've seen her but I haven't hanged with her!) Don't know what we're doing yet but whateva, beats being bored at home, Fo Shou!

Jensen Ackles Gone WRONG!

So you know I LOVE Jensen Ackles but I found some pretty disturbing pics of him on the web... Enjoy, I guess?

Photoshop much?

A true Artist
I mean, he's NOT crossed-eyed!

He has REALLY blue eyes -.-

And last but not öeast... WINCEST!? Oh no, now I can never look at Sam and Dean the same!