Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weird Things Found In Emppu's Room:

As you know, I was at Emppu's dad's house and I found some pretty weird things in her room. Now she explaines that her room "is like Bella's; it hasn't been changed in years"... Yeah whatever :D Here are some of the things I found: (ps. I just watched every RayWilliamJohnson vid I could find, so sorry if I sound like him, it's kinda stuck in my head! :D)

Ok, a poster of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory... sure you can defend urself by saying "I just love Johnny Depp", but if you love him lookin like a man/woman in a cylinderhat with a Michael Jackson voice, ur just weird!

Poster of that guy from Harpe's Island who turned out to be the killer... with a Pedo-smile :D
A poster? painting? Pic? of random Cats and Dogs
Harry Potter PUPPET?! 


A cow who apparently tried suicide, see the rope around it's neck?! 


OK, are you ready for it??

Cutest. Furriest. Bastard. Evar!

Haha, did you like her room+ There were some more things but I gotta hurry now, I have to eat and then I'm going to the movies with my friends! Blog Ya Laterz!

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