Saturday, October 16, 2010

No, I'm not bored at all!


Name> Jasmin
Length> 168 cm

Shoesize> 38
Hair> brown
Siblings> 8 year old bro

Song I heard ? > Lady Gaga- Monster 

Song that's stuch in your head? > All songs by Lady Gaga
Person you called? > My friend Kata
Person who called you? > Kata :D (She's not the only person I ever talk to, hehehe...)
Tv-show you watched? > Supernatural 

Person you thought of? > this is an unfair answer 'cause now I have to say Kata AGAIN 'cause I thought of her while writing that other question, and now I look like some crazy stalker who's in love with her (which I'm not, hahaha)

Schampoo do you use? > Hmm... I think it's Pantene Pro V... not sure :P
Shoes do you wear? > My greyish converse/Reebook wintershoes/Fake uggs 

Are you scared of? > Probably loosing someone I love and just death alltoghether. And high places but not like on airplanes but when you're high enough but you can still see people (like they're not ants) Hahah, hope you got what I meant :P


Fallen in love? > 0 

Had your heart broken > 0
Broke a heart? > 0, I hope!
Had your name in the paper? > Atleast 3-4 times, mostly in gallups or something realted to my hobbys :D *famous*
How many scars do you have on your body? > 2 small on my legs after falling in the summer several times and one on my lip from a tournament we had in school :P

Cute? > Yeah, sometimes and when I look at baby pics :) 

Funny? > Well, if someone laughs at something I say then yes (or then they're just laughing at me?) Haha, you'd probably have to ask my friends that question 

Lovable? > Yes
Sweet? > Yeah

Drink? > Ice cold coke 

Candy? > Chocolate 

Cartoon film? > Mulan
Chewimg-gum? > Pepsodent Spearmint 

Colour? > Hmm... Blue/violett 

Day of the Week? > Friday
Coffee Place? > Arnold's
Country? > If Finland doesn't count it would have to be a tie between USA/Greece and Thailand ( 3 places I've been and LOVED)
Time of the year? > Hmm, Summer or Spring (but winter's cool too)
Store? > Zara, Gina Tricot, H&M
Magazine? > Demi or H&M Magazine


Slept in your bed? > If I don't count then Ella
Made you cry? > Some person in a movie, can't remember whicj movie it was (but I cry in emotional movies/tv shows)
Went to the movies with you? > The whole school :P
Sent you E-mail? > Youtube :D

Said 'I love you' and meant it? > Yes, I think everyone has

Been with your pyjamas in a public place? > I don't think so?
Kept a secret? > Yes ( Well I acn't tell it here, it's a secret, duh?) 

Planned your week so it will fit with a tv-show? > *busted* 

Cried while watching a movie? > Yeah... many MANY times 

Been on a stage? Yep
What time is it? > Ok, wierd question... 15.06
Apples or Bananas? > Apples
Blue or Red? > Blue 

Spring or Fall? > Spring 

What are you doing after this? > Eating a delicious meal made by my dad!
What what the last meal you ate? Breakfest
Are yoiu bored? > Why do you think I'm doing this? -.-
What was the last noise you heard? > My lilbro's nintendo music 

Do you belive in love at first sight? nnnjjeeaah, maybe, don't know yet
Do you want children some day, and if you do, how many? > yes, maybe 2-3
Most importante thing in friendship? > Honesty and Trust
What was the last smell you smelled? > FOOD!


What languages do you speak? > Finnish, Swedish, English,  a little German and super duper little Spanish
Favorite things in your room? > Guitarr, Bed, Tv, Posters
What do you love? > My family and Friends, Music 

Nick-names? > Jassi, Yasmine, Jasmiini-riisi, Jasmindaah :D
How old do you act? > Maybe a few years older my age, in some situations at least. Sometimes like a little kid :D
Do you have pets? > If my friends don't count, no :D

What makes you happy? > Small things in life, love, music, friends, family, laughing. That feeling when you know your good.

Thought, that you're going to die? > Not seriously but like after a big catastrophy iv'e thought: What if that was me?
Wanted to escape? > Reality? Yes, after reading Stephenie Meyer's books :D (Geek, much?)
Tried Drugs? > No


Do you feel like you know me better now?

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