Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Money Never Dies

Just came home from the movies, heidi and i went to see Wall Street 2-Money Never Dies and since it didn't cost me anthing since heidi had these bonus tickets I thought "why not?"... Yeah, I don't understand ANYTHING about Wall Street Money/Business stuff so I was pretty lost... but atleast Shia LeBouf was cute :D

Today was a really chill day, started 9.30, got back 3 of my tests and had art and our teacher was sick so we didn't have a teacher (again)...

Today Hullut Päivät (Crazy Days) started, it's an event in a mall called hansa where you can buy things cheap, so it's like a huge sale... I bougt a hoodie and a serum that you use to protect your hair when you use a straighting-iron :P

Now i'm waiting for Grey's Anatomy to start, it's the season final (I've seen it and it's AWESOME!)

Ps. a pic from the summer 4 u!

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