Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm on a boat!

Just came home from a day at seas. As you know, we went sailing with a boat called Linden. We learned how to navigate, controll the ship, safety on deck and stuff like that. We had a good time. The best thing, even though I was scared at first, was climbing up this ladder. I'm scared of hights so I'm actually kinda proud that I did it!

My friends did something a bit braver. THEY JUMPED IN THE AURA RIVER! Yeah, with these waterproof suits on. Some pics of that coming later!

So now Im just gonna chill. Im pretty tired since I didnt really get any sleep yesterday... 

Now some pics of me climbing! and more.. ps. These are Heidis pics, but im still gonna post some of JULLES pics... 

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