Friday, October 15, 2010

I Love That Lavender Blond

Blyyyeeeehjjj! Hahah :P Today's :) and :( +pics before the show and yeah...


-Limewire finally works so now I'm gonna upload some music ( Semi Precious Weapons)

-I have an episode of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural waiting

-A  boy who was sitting in my bus and he made my day. He was talking loudly and passionetly about World of Warcraft on the phone. It reminded me of WoW-Jocke, a funny video with Björn Gustafsson that you can find HERE!

-GLEE starts in Finland tomorrow!


-Remember that ball our school was supposed to have... Well, it's been canceled because enough people didn't sign up. A lot of people already bought their dresses...

- I wanna go back to two days ago and see Gaga again...

Anyways, here are the pics :)

You're beautiful in your way
God makes no mistakes
You're on the right track, baby
You were born this way

13.10.2010 <3

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