Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Host

Heyy :) I was soooo tired this morning and got even more tired when I heard our teacher for our art class wasn't showing and that I could've come to school two hours later! But, I finished my art project so it wasn't a full waiste of time :P

In music we had a quiz where we had to listen to a song and recognize the guitar player. It was pretty tight competition but the last song was Beat It by Michael Jackson and I guessed/knew that it was Eddy Van Halen and our team won! *proud*

In the bus I sat next to younger kids who go to Cygnaeus and Sossen, two schools I went to when I was younger... The older kids from sossen were acting all cool (because they're older then the ones from cynkkan) and i got really annoyed :D Hahha, I was probably the same when I was younger but only now I realized how annoying it really is!

Soon I'm going to Kiinteytys with Kata!

Ps! I read Candor and GOSH it had an annoying ending! (hahhaa, I know you want to read it now! :D) But I started reading my absolutely fave book for the 100th time, THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer! READ IT IF you haven't! I think it's better then the twilight books...
The host is gonna be made into a movie but I hope the movie won't rape the story :P Here are a few fan pics from Google with the ideal cast:

Click on the pic to get a bigger picture! Hahha, this has been a long post :P to end it a The Host fan-made Trailer!

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