Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fat Na'vi?

Hello! Spent the night at Julle's house, we watched Princess Diaries 2 and REALLY how can Chris Pine Look so UGLY in that movie ad so hot in Star Trek? Ok, it's not that hes ugly, it's his hair! It looks like that youtuber's BeenerKeeKee19952 hair... Ughh :/

So Today we watched Avatar with Julle and it got my thiking, why are none of the Avatar's fat? Yeah, I have too much free time to think :P Ok, after seeing this picture I know why---- > It just looks stupid :D
Wow, this has been a really weird post. To end it a video of the best cry ever! Also watch the auto-tuned version HERE... WARNING, If your humor isn't as bad as mine, don't watch! ;)

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