Monday, October 18, 2010

Brick after boooring Brick!

We've started to notice that we're going mad from all the schoolwork, like today in Spanish, we laughed (and with 'we' I mean me+friends) at the most pointless things! But soon ( on wednesday) we have a 5 day long HOLIDAY! YESS!

So today has been usual apart from the wierd humor and actually ROFL! Actually, tha's pretty usual too...

I was so annoyed 'cause when I got home I was gonna watch the 2nd part of the Grey's Anatomy Finale (although I've already seen it online a long time ago) since I missed it and when I recorded it for the 1st time some boring designing show came instead so I recorded the re-run but it had only recorded 15 minutes! :'(

Haha made my brother take a pic with me,that's why he looks so unhappy!

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