Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another week begins!


So yesterday I watched 2 really sucky movies, One with Amanda Bynes (don't know the name) and the other, My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen The Movie (Longest movie title ever?)

Today I was at Julle's house while she, Kata and Meri did some project about Depression. 

And soon im gonna do some work-out. Luckily next week is only 4 days long and on friday me and julle are going to JAKOBSTAD to visit our friend Johanna! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My new hair!

Oh oh, there was a monster in my bed

Here are some pics from my phone and julle's FB from my Gaga outfit, Emppu as Kesha and Julle as a cat!


Sorry for the poor update yesterday but I was super busy:D So yesterday "everyone" dressed up and later I went to the Halloween party. Here are the pics:

I have a few pics from my gaga outfit but now I gotta hurry to the hairdresser so Blog ya laterz!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I used to be a chippendale's Dancer..

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Minnie Mouse

Hey guys! Tomorrow at school we're supposed to dress up as something for Halloween so I'm going as Minnie Mouse and Julle, my BFF, is gonna be Mickey :P

 Later, I'm going to a Halloween-party and I decided to dress up as Gaga. I'm just gonna mix different things that she's worn, like the hair bow and the Caution-tape she has in Telephone (but I'm not gonna be naked under, don't worry!)
Tried the whole Hair.Bow thing and it doesn't really look like hers, but whatever :D

Soon I'm going to ZUMBAAAAA!! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm sooo tired right now, FunBic was booring since it wasn't funbic at all... Now I'm just gonna watch glee and Grey's Anatomy and relax :))

Should we tell or should we not?

You know my brother Maximus, he's 8 and... he STILL belives in santa. Yeah. So we are wondering weather we should tell him that he's not real and possibly hurt his feelings or let him belive but then someone at his school might, idk, make fun of him.

It's just funny 'cause he's so serious. he's like " HE'S REAL! I'VE SEEN HIM!"

Anyways, soon I'm going to FunBic with Kata.

Laterz, haterz :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today has been a pretty normal day, nothing that special has happened... Soon I'm off to do some work-out. Wow, I actually really don't have anything interesting to say... So I'll ask you a question instead!

What do you think I should dress as at Halloween?

You can comment below. 'Cause I'm running out of good ideas :P  Ps. Pics below- I'm not doing that :D

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm on a boat! # 2

More pics... Ps. My keyboard is tottaly F'ed up, all the special signs are in the wrong places?...

I'm on a boat!

Just came home from a day at seas. As you know, we went sailing with a boat called Linden. We learned how to navigate, controll the ship, safety on deck and stuff like that. We had a good time. The best thing, even though I was scared at first, was climbing up this ladder. I'm scared of hights so I'm actually kinda proud that I did it!

My friends did something a bit braver. THEY JUMPED IN THE AURA RIVER! Yeah, with these waterproof suits on. Some pics of that coming later!

So now Im just gonna chill. Im pretty tired since I didnt really get any sleep yesterday... 

Now some pics of me climbing! and more.. ps. These are Heidis pics, but im still gonna post some of JULLES pics... 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meet my brother, Mr. Spock!

Haha, my grandma cut my little brother's hair and now he looks like Mr. Spock from Star Trek :D

Anywho, now I'm gonna watch Forrest Gump and tomorrow we're going sailing withschool. Hopefully it isn't RAINING like it did today...

Ps. My brother has been totally hyperactive today. I think you kinda figured that from the picture. Love him! <3

Guess where I am?


The Social Network was good and I love movies that are based on a true story. Plus it's a bit weird since the movie is about FB, something almost everyone uses daily... Hahha, the first thing I did when I went on the computer is that I Facebooked all the main character's of the film. And Jesse Eisenberg who portrays Mark Zuckerberg TOTALLY looks like him! See for yourself:

Anyways, it was a really interesting story. Soon i'm going to sleep and I'll probably have some wonderful dreams about founding Facebook!

Good night!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Social Network

Just came home from work, it was the longest and hardest day so far. We had to clean everything in our little kiosk and it took about 2 hours... So that was the last day of work. Hopefully they want me back next year.

So soon I'll be going to the movies with Emppu, to see the Social Network. I have pretty high expectations, so keep your fingers crossed!

Crazy Dreams

Good mornin'! Just woke up and remembered a crazy dream I dreamt last night. Ok, so I was at the Gaga concert and then suddenly I went up on stage with some other girl and we just became her back-up dancers. And she told us that her set and the whole show was ruined, all she had was some pilows and plankets and she needed our help to make some sort of moster out of those... I guess we did and she thanked us and started crying.. Idk, it was weird :D 

In 2 and a half hours I have my last shift at work and maybe, just MAYBE I'll be going to see The Social Network with Emppu :)

Me now. My eyes are all puffy :D 

Friday, October 22, 2010

A picture can tell a 1000 words...

Took some pics this week that i haven't posted yet so here they are! Ps. just ignore the fact that my other eye looks bigger then the other with my glasses on -.- Yeah, my other eye sees better then the other, no need to moch me, 'kay? :D