Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tack Mamma!

Got a great present from my mamma today: Gloves, Leggings and a shirt from Gina tricot+ This hairpiece, that you can out your hair up with in different ways! <3

I am so sick of reading to my tests, gotta remind myself "only 2 left, only 2 left.." Well, I've read over 100 pages today so I think I'm done for the day :D

You cant see the hairthing (I guess that's pretty much the point!) I'm looking sad because my throat is STILL hurting. It feels like a have a soar muscel in my throat :D It even hurts all the way up to my gums and teeth... oh well, hope it'll be over soon :D

Soon I'm going to Body Step, but now I'm just gonna chill :D

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