Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wuhhhuuuuu, Test-week is OVER! And I even got 2 of my tests back: Physics in which I got a 7- on the test and English that I got a 10-on the test and a 10 on my report card! Im HAPPY! And the best part is: I have absloutely NO studying to do today! :) I'm just gonna chill.

After school me, julle emppu and ella went dresshunting 'cause we have a ball coming up in a month. I found one that was pretty, a blue silky one-strap piece... it cost a bit too much so I'm gonna keep on hunting ;)

Here's what it KINDA looked like :D

So now I'm just gonna chill and watch some tv, later I have Bailafit!:)

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