Friday, September 24, 2010

2/6 and Girls Movie Night

Math-test ---> Done! Yess, the two tests I was most worried about are now over! Just have to wait for the results:P

After school I went to julle's and when we stepped out of the bus i had to put something in my bag and as I was bent down with my butt in the air a car honked the horn :D ofc me and Julle laughed like 10 mins about that. I had a fun day with her.

Now I'm home, I just watched Vampire diaries and i'm waiting for my mom to come home. We are having a girls movie night! Loving the weekend right now...

hahha,  just gonna add some random pictures :D A pic from 1 and a half years ago with emppu :P


jullan said...

int en ända bild av mej!!! :(

JasminLovely said...

sorry, next time bullis :D