Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Friggin' Facebook!

I hate it when fb is totally not working with you. Nothing major today, we waited like 10 minutes for our Physics class to start untill someone was smart enough to check the door: On the door a note with our homework on it. So no physics today!
Also our boys football team had a game today and we we're obligated to go and watch (half of the school didn't show up) but I got a lift on Emppus scooter and my dad works nearby so I went. They won, I think.

And my brother threw a huge fit when I said he had to do his homework before playing playstation, it was hilarious! He kept on crying "I dont wanna do my homework right after school, I had a really hard day!" Oh yeah, wait 8 years and you'll know how I feel, lil' bro!

Today I'm still going on Body Step. AAaaand I'm finished :)

In this pic I'm wearing a hoodie I got from school (I was like a "Friendstudent") with my name on it :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Boy Who Murdered Love

First Vid: Theboy who murdered Love by Diana Vickers

2nd Vid: Eclipse parody. Kinda funny BUT the guy playing Jacob TOTALLY sounds like him, right?

Yo Soy Jasmin!

Ola! Heh, I'm really good at Spanish, right? Today was a fun day, I only had Math, Studda(? Dont know the word in english) and Spanish. And before Spanish we traditionally ate at Arnold's. Since a picture can tell a 1000 words, here's the pics from today:

The plans for the rest of the day: Chill. I've already done my homework on the weekend. So The new season of Americas Next Top Model, Here I come!


What a perfect morning! I get to sleep in, do my hair and makeup without a hurry, eat some mama noodles, ikea meatballs and vegetables with sweet and hot chilisause for brunch and relax. Still have an hour before Emppu comes and picks me up! Have a good day y'all!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well today has been... not that exciting :D My friend Emppu took me for a ride on her scooter and I cooked dinner for my family. I watched dance and me and my borther played/acted out dance :D I was the judge and he was the dancer (not a very good one, sorry bro)

Now I'm watching BB and HOPING they'll send this really cute guy to the house and a really ugly one out. Thumbs up for that!

AND tomorrow my day starts 11.30! Enough said ;)

Here's a pic from the last day of school last year :)

Don't you just love Re-runs?

Í do! (wow, wierd I) Right now theres a Friends Re-Run Marathon on :) Nothing special planned for today, just watching tv. It's been a relaxing weekend and I'm ready for the schoolweek to start!
Here's an old pic from last year :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pandora is Popped

I don't really have anything else to do other than blog. I did my homework (even for tuesday and wednesday), I cleaned my room and organized my closet. Oh and I forgot to tell you my mom bought me a pair of jeans shorts and a black and white-striped dress from the flea market. :) Thanks mamma!

Right now I'm watching Ett Öga Rött, a swedish movie. I'm waiting for all the good shows to start on tv, like:

-Grey's Anatomy (starting next week, already saw the final episodes online, SHOCKING!)
-Dance aka. the finnish version of "So you think you can dance?" (starts tomorrow)
-Skins! I've already seen the 4th season (Sad, sad ending) But who say's you can't watch it again?
-Supernatural! MY ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE SHOW! Already seen seasons 1-5 online, but SOON season 3 starts in Finalnd! YES! (+ really hot lead stars Jensen <3<3<3 and Jared aka Dean and Sam)

I think I missed a show... well I have all day to update about it!

Good Morning!

And a good morning it is. Just lovin' the weekend right now! And on monday my school-day begins 11.30 (a few of my teachers are on some special course, idk)

Today I'm probably just chillin, and I have work. Do some homework ( I only have spanish!!) and watch a movie. Nothing major :)

Me right now :P

Keyboard Genious?

My little brother has been very excited about playing my out of sync keyboard lately. He reminds me of Ross in an episode of friends.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pic, taken with the web cam :D

Friday, August 27, 2010

Prayer for the Weekend: Taco-Friday

FRIIIDAAAY!! Ahhh, finally! I'm so tired right now. My last class of the day was PE and we wen't swimming (and it was freezing outside and my hair is all wet).Afterwards I went to buy a pair of jeans from H&M because I had a 20 % discount card. When it was my turn I realized my Visa wasn't in my wallet. I think I had a mini heart attach, my hands we're literally shaking. I just put the jeans on hold and searched through my bag and my wallet again... until I found it hidden in my wallet! PHEW! So I bought the jeans :)

Today I'm definetly just relaxing, I'm gonna watch Vampire Diaries and eat some friday-candy. And it's Taco-Friday! YEY!

My little brother Drooling over the tac ingredients last spring :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tomorrow's Friday, this week has gone by so fast! Today I had a kinda long day but I survived.

Soon I'm going on Bailafit with kata and then I can start my tv thursday with some blueberry Pie and Friends, Projekt Runway, Big Brother and Vampire Diaries! :)
Happy Tv Thursday everybody!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big Brother

Body Step yesterday was good and really effective. I'm going back to that same place today and I'm getting a "membershipment" (or whatever, i think you know what I mean) and I'm also going on a Funbic class. Hope it's good.

And also BIG BROTHER starts today. Yes, I'm a reality junkie :D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

:) and :(

Todays :) and :(

:) - I got new aerobic shoes
   - Im going to a BodyStep class with Ella and Kata today
   - I have no homework!
   - It's Heidi's BIRTHDAY!!!
   - We had dessert in school today (comes with a down side too)

:( - We had spinache-soup in school today ( I HATE SPINACHE SOUP)
   - Because I didn't eat anything (and I still haven't) IM HUNGRY!
   - My glasses that are broken can't be fixed so I have to get new ones
And that was it. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Like a Tattoo...

Tomorrow I have my first school work that's a bit bigger then just homework. I have to write an essay about Tattoos (what I think about them, facts ect) and I just wrote the preface:

Imagine meeting a boy. Tommy, is his name. You know for a fact you'll spend the rest of your life with him. You want to tattoo his name on your arm, a symbol of your love. Tommy 4-ever. And then you break up. He's gone, but the memory of him is written on your arm. Permanently.

I don't have a tattoo and I don't want one (not now, atleast). But I think tattoos are cool, IF they have a meaning. If your just gonna tattoo like a sock (why would you do that, lol), I think that's pretty stupid :D

Anyways, soon I have spanish! Lol, here are some tattoo fails:

Ok, this last one isn't really funny but it show's a tattoo gone wrong. Plus the fact that it says In Loving Memory (So she passed away?) and the tattoo looks Nothing like the picture... Poor guy...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here are...

... the pics I promised you! (From Step Up)


Just borrowed these movies from Julia:

Right now watching Harry Potter :P Later Work :)

I don't have an accent!

Saw Step Up 3D today. The dancers were AMAZING but the acting (atleast the "head" couple) wasn't that good. Anyways, now I'm at Julles house and we already went to the sauna and watched the lovely bones ( I only saw half of it but I've already seen half of it). Now we're gonna upload some pics and vids on fb and... :)

Sleep tight!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Original title, right? :P I just realized I start a lot of my posts by saying "Nothing much planned for/happened today..." C'mon, my life isn't that boring! :D

Today I'm gonna go see Step up 3 and later Maybbeee BFF sleepover with Julle! :P AND I haven't takien any pics in a long time so my camera is definetly travelling with me today!

Right now watching The City :)

Here are old pics from last year when we went to Sweden for a day. Its wierd but I kinda miss colder weather. Not like snow or anything but right now it's pretty cold in the morning and then it can get really hot in the day. Annying having to wear a jacket and then carry it around all day!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Same old

Hi guys! Friday Finally! Haven't really done anything special today, well if swimming like 1 km in gym doesn't count :)

Huh, I really don't have anyhting special to say, so here's Rhodos pics from day 5!

Bläääh, I wanna go back to rhodos and relax.... :P

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Learning Eight to Four

A pretty long and boring schoolday with History, Physics, English, Religion and Math = BORING!

Today nothing special planned, which is great, just doing nothing. My homework is done so all I have to do is chill and watch tv ( Project Runway and Vampire Diaries!)

Tomorrow we have gym and we're gonna go swimming so I guess that's gonna be the highlight of the day :D

Here are some pics from Day for at Rhodos. Shopping's what we did, mainly :)

There weren't a lot of pics from this day... :P

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All you bus-drivers in the world!

Today it took me like an hour to get home (usually takes about 20-30 minutes) First we (me and Emppu) saw our bus leaving the station. We ran and we got there when it was about to leave. The bus-driver could have easily letted us in since he hadn't even left the station, but NO, ofcourse he couldn't. He even waved us goodbye! What an ASS :D So emppu showed him the finger (:D) and we waited for the next bus.
Then the next bus came but that one obly went to Kauppatori, and not to Raisio. So basicly we missed 2 busses -.-

Why do bus-drivers always have to make things so complicated! And 90% of them are always in a bad mood... annoying!

Btw, i changed my enlish book to Dear John, just so you know. Soon i'm gonna go to Julle's place. Byeezzz!

Ps. Here are a few picture from when Emppu and Ida were at our house:

And Here's to you, angry bus driver!