Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today's the day, tonight's the night

YES! Finally! Today i'm going to Rhodos... ok, the flight leaves Sunday morning 5.40 but we have to travel by bus and the bus leaves at midnight from Turku. So I'm almost all packed, just waiting for the day to end so I CAN GO! :D And this ofcourse means I'm not gonna be posting for a week or so!

A pic from last years trip:

Right now: watching the Dark Knight. Ahhh, Heath Ledger <3

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Wieners!

Today was fun, we did some shopping and ate at a chinese restaurant. I can't belive I'm leavingtomorrow (or like 12 o'clock Saturday-Sunday night)... anyways, we just watched a movie called Miss Pettigrew and I thought it was good. Now we are watching Without a Paddle (not so good)

Had a good laugh today in the restaurant when we saw that you could order happy wieners from the kids menu... :D

Some pics from today:

Girl's Night!

Hiyaza! Yesterday was a pretty log work night, it was Inter vs. *something* Genk (inter lost 1-5 :() but I was selling hot dogs at the place where the Genk fans were located so I had to speak english....well, it's not a problem, it was actually refreshing. After work I went to Julle's house and we had a girls night:

- sauna
- foot-scrub
- oil-treatment for the hair
- Mani/pedi

So now we feel totally fresh. Today we're going to the city, nothing else special planned for today!

Here's a few year old pic of me and Julle :D We look like two teens :D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm so heavy, heavy, heavy in your arms

I'm Home! The trip went fine, a bit boring ofcourse since I was by myself. Soon I have work and after that I'm going to Julle's place overnight! Herer are some pics from Vörå:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today was fun, the weather was supposed to be nice but it was rainy and cold so that kinda sucked... but we took cool pictures and ate good food!

Tomorrow I have work so I have to go home but I'm happy I FINALLY get to have a BFF day with Jule (haven't had one once this summer O.o)

But I'll upload all the pics from here once I get home!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Just came home from Jakobstad where I spent the whole day. We visited my grandpa, he showed us that he can do 15 push-ups and revealed that he sometimes wears powder :P

We ate at the best Kebab-place in Finland Korv Görans and I'm still full! Then we did some shopping but all I found was a pair of glasses from Seppälä and a green glitter eyeliner. We also met my mom's friend Sarah.

Tomorrow we're going to my mom's cousins Summervilla! Exciting!

My new glasses! Pretty in Pink :P

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm here!

The traintrip was really booring but now I'm here, waiting for the food to finish! Mmmmmm, Mommo's meatballs <3

Tomorrow we're gonna go to Jakobstad to visit my grandpa and also swim @ Fäboda since it's gonna be about 30 degrees. On wednesday we'll go to my mom's cousins summervilla and on thursday I'm gonna go home (the rest of the fam is still gonna stay here)

Mamma and mommo making food in the background! :D


In about an hour me and Nadya are taking the train to Vörå. They have a computer there so I'll be blogging from there, don't worry :D


Sunday, July 25, 2010


Jess! Inter won 2-0! Right now I'm "watching" Star Wars. Tomorrow we're going to Vörå by train, there untill thrusday, back home and on sunday: Rhodos! :)

Haha, cool pic right?

Busy, not really

Today I have...

... listed all the books I need for next year and there are 25 of them! Just looking at the list gets me exhausted

... played a pretty stupid wedding planning demo game on julia's computer

...took wierd pictures with julia's computer

...listened to the same song like 10 times from Julia's computer

... eaten koti-pizza...YUM!

... watched Cribs marathon on MTV


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Heart-Shaped Pancakes!

Today we went to IKEA and we're gonna go back tomorrow and bye a shelf for me. My grandma (who is now here) is gonna take my old desk. I really think it's gonna make a huge difference in my room, make it look more youthful and not so "childlike".
I spent the last hour throwing away stuff i don't need and boy, I have a LOT!

Now I'm stuffed with mommo's pancakes with blueberry/rasberry jelly and suryp, Yummy! And now whe're gonna watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

TMRW: Hanging with Julle and later Inter-Jaro game :)

Friday, July 23, 2010


Here's the pic I drew. It doesn't look like me at all but I like it! I'm no good at drawing people, at least people who are supposed to look real :D My friends say I should be a children's book illustrator... idk :D

Here's a pic I do find kinda real looking. Heath Ledger, one of my favorite actors. I couldn't find the original pic I drew so it doesn't look exactly the same...

Apricot Stone

Watching Eurovision right now and drawing a pic...of myself! :D Doesn't really look like me though, I'll upload a picture of it when it's ready.

Here are some pics I took yesterday:

Let the Rain fall Down!

Hi! Nothing special planned for today, except lunch at McDonald's (fattties, no! :D)
 It was supposed to rain today and when I looked out the window the sun was shining. I must say I'm a little dissapointed and I shouldn't because we never have nice weatherhere. But now it's just been going on for so long and it's always so hot, no mater where you go! (except in my room which is the chilliest room in da house). So 1 day of rain isn't much to ask, right?

Anyways, tomorrow my grandma is coming here, yeeyy! :))

Here's a pic of me and emppu from last summer, just because she told me yesterday after watching the new karate Kid she wants to start kung Fu. Knowing her, it's probably not gonna happen :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Failure to Launch of the sofa

So yesterday was fun. We watched Failure to Launch and ate nachos. Nothing special planned for today, just work and we're eating tacos. And watching tv on the sofa. Exciting, huh? :D On saturday my grandma is coming here and on Monday we'll leave for her place. Then I'll come back on thursday 'cause I have work and on sunday i'llleave for rhodos!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Day and Knight was good! It was funny but not as predictable as you'd think... After the movie me and Nadya ate som Bagels at Arnold's and soon we're gonna have a sleepover at Heidi's house, Julle's coming too!

Sorry, no pic since I can't figure out how to use Julle's Webcam on her computer :D

Smell Ya Later!

I'm an Alien!

Pics from Yesterday:

Today: Knight and Day at 4 o'clock!

Too Cute!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank you, sir!

I'm still stuffed from Dennis. Had a Boca-Raton pizza, it was goooooddd. And for dessert ice cram with strawberrys and whipped cream, Yum! Took a lot of pictures so I'll post them tomorrow!

Just watched couples Retreit (I'm not sure how it's spelled) and it was ok/good :) Now we're watching Yes Man.

Another exciting fact: In 12 Days I'm Going To RHODOS! YEY! In the meanwhile some pics from the last couple of days!

I actually biked the whole way from Åbo to Raisio with Julle in the back... good exercise!
Me and Heidi at Amarillo
Me and Nadya eating Ice-cream at the beach!
Didn't buy anything, nadya found lots of stuff! Emppu is here now, just chillin'... 7 o'clock-------------> Dennis :)

Like my I-pod stuck on replay

My i-pod works again... again! Hope it doesn't brake again... Julle said that she heard that all i-pods stop working after like 3 years so that you're forced to buy a new one. Good conspiracy theory right? :D

Today we're going to Mylly and later we're gonna eat at Dennis, Åbo's best pizza place!

My little brother in the beginnign of summer at dennis. He really wanted this ice-cream and when he got it, he didn't like it... classic!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last day of sun?

Today might be the last sunny day for a while so we went to samppalinna to swim. We also ate som ice-cream at Piccola Cantina and now we are at my place watching tv. We just saw Baby Mama and now we're watching 17 again. No plans yet for tomorrow but on wednesday we're probably gonna go see Knight and Day!

Here's a pic from last summer!

And we're the best 5 (possibly 6) friends that anyone could have!

Ok, random title. It's actually from the Hangover: Alan "And we're the three best friends that anyone could have, and we're never ever ever ever gonna leave eachother"

So today me, Nadya, Julle, Heidi and Ella (and possibly Emppu if she'd stop sleeping and ANSWER me) are going to samppalinna nad swim. Yey, almost all my girls are home (except for Kata who's in Malta for 3 weeks *jelaous*)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

May the force be with you!

Guess what I'm watching? :P


You will not belive what just happened. A squirell came in to our house, and since my dad is gone we were all women in the house. We were SCREAMING! Eventually we chased it away with a broom and it was just a small baby squirell that was really scared :(

We thought it was like this...
...But it was really like this!

Ok, to more interesting subjects.. my mom bought me two things: gray sweatpanty tight jeans (idk how to subscribe them) from the flea-market 9.90 e (origianlly H&M) and a shorts-suite from H&M 5 e :) Super cute and the pants are so comfortable! + we also bought a baby-ppol for us (we're such big babies) so now I can host a "pool party" :D

still ahead: work :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tastes like candycane at christma.... summer!

We went to sweet surprise and bought some sweet sweet candy! Now where watching High School Musical 3! EAST HIGH WILDCATS, YEEAAAHH!! :D

Me and nadya eating lollipops when we were smaller :D We still LOVE candy!

Hot like Mexico

The sun is back. Went to Hirvensalo beach and swam probably like 10 times. Later we went to citymarket and I saw all kinds of stuff I'd like to buy from aleksi 13... but no, I don't need anything! I gotta stop dreaming about all those clothes :P

Soon we're eating and we're gonna watch Eurovision 2010 'cause Nadya hasn't seen it yet. Then we have to give my dad a lift to the harbour, Inter has a game in Åland and he has to go by boat and on the wa we're buing candy from Sweet Surprise!

Tomorrow if it's not as sunny as today we're gonna go shopping! In this pic you can see my new earrings from Only (1 e). They look a bit like roses and I have a pair in gold also!

Here's an awful silly pic of me to show you how big my eyes can look with my glasses on. My friends make fun of me 'cause my other eye is always bigger then the other :D

Friday, July 16, 2010

Americano on my couch!

That's right, my cousin Nadya is here! Haven't seen her for over a year and we're all so happy to have her here for two weeks!

Right now she's sleeping and I was sneeky and took a picture of here, hihihi...

I'm wearing my glasses for the first time in a LONG time. I should wear them all the time but I'm too lazy.

My little brother showing off his nintendo game, Pokemon! (actually, it's nadya's)

Today we have no plans, nadya's sleeping and we'll eat once my parents come home. TMRW the beach?

Thursday, July 15, 2010


What's up? I'm just chillin' at home, uploading some music:

The Ark- Father of a Son & Prayer for the Weekend

Regina Spector- Eet & Us

Lissie- When I'm alone

Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack

I recommend!

Just browsed my pictures, man I have a lot, atleast 3000 :D ATLEAST!

Here are a few for you!

Oh and It's finally raining! I'm gonna keep on uploading some somgs!


This is my 50th post! To celebrate, here's a vid of me singing Papa Don't Preach
(more videos of me singing at

Today probably singing, tmrw cousin <3

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Didn't go to samppis today. It's still hot but the sun isn't shining and it's been raining a little so I didn't feel like going. Plus I haven't spent time with the family in a while.

Today we've eaten Taco and Tortilla, yum! We also bought watermelon, peas and strawberrys, Yum Yum Yum!

They've promised some rain and even thunder and lighting, I hope it's true 'cause it's like a sauna in our house!

Oh and on friday my cousin from USA is coming here for two weeks, yey! <3

Me and my cousin like... 10 years ago! Cute :)

Oh yeah, my I-Pod is broken or something! it won't start and I NEED MY MUSIC!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I don't hate you 'cause you're hot, I LOVE YOU 'cause you're hot

Hot Hottie Hotville here in Finland! Went swimming to samppis with ella and then julia joined us.

Bought a white tunic/top from Only for 5 e and earrings for like 1 e.

Later we're gonna eat pizza and watch a movie. And tomorrow probably the beach/swimming, IT'S FRICKIN' HOT!

Here's 2 picturesw of sumowrestling at ruisrock:

 I won Ella's cousin! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

It was so easy, you were always singing along

More pictures!

I may have some more pics... but later :)