Friday, December 31, 2010


It's almost over guys! Ok, I have 1 day still ('cause it's 8 in the morning) but all my friends in Finland are gonna be living 2011 before me. I wish I could be there with them :( but I'll see them soon!

Ok so I think it's time to think back and see what happened in 2010 :P Hahhah, I actually think I have to go through my FB pictures to remember :P

The year 2010 started off for me at Thailand
I still went to my old school. A picture from the legendary bathroom.
My wall was crowded with posters and pictures! :P
 Got an awesome birthday card from julle!
 And we had our 2nd annual birthday party together :)

We bought GAGA tickets!
 School ended
 I watched the princess of Sweden get married with a few of my friends
 We celebrated my mom's birthday
 This little guy came to visit us sometimes . Sakke <3
We celebrated Juhannus with our friends
My cousine Nadya came to Finland for 2 weeks
After Julle had finally come home, we went to swim with my friends
 I rode my bike everywhere, in this picture I rode with julle on the backseat from Turku all the way to Raisio!
Me, Heidi and Ella went to RUISROCK for 2 days!

And after Rusirock I went to RHODOS , Greece for a week with my grandma and cousin!

I had an awesome time with Janni
And I got REALLY tanned!
Summer ended...
...And school started
We went to the movies with my friends
 We dressed up as Mickey and Minnie to school
 We FINALLY saw Gaga!
 Me and Julle went to meet our friend Johanna in Jeppis and we had the best trip ever!

 We where so sad, we didn't want to leave :(
 Me and my brother got in the holiday spirit :)
 And I was crowned Lucia

The next exciting thing that happened was that I came here! And blogger is really not working with me so I wont upload pics of that.

One more sadder thing that happened in 2010 was the death of my godmother. She's missed and she was a great person. Rest in Peace, Janita <3

So overall it was a very colourful year. I had a great time with my friends and I got some wonderful, unforgettable memories!

2010 was awesome but let's make 2011 even better! Happy New Year!


My new "Carrie" necklace, I've been looking for one for a long time and now I found one that I like :)

Key West

Just came home from a 4 hour drive from Key West! it's the most southern point in Usa. It was fun, our hotel was good ( some minor problems) and the pool was right next to the beach, the view was awesome, the food and the weather rocked, so a very succesful trip overall. I'll just upload the pics now and stop babbling :P

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the jungle the lions sleep tonight

The pics from yesterday:

Oh btw, it's frickin' cold here!!!! We met a finish family when we where at the safari and they said that they thought it was gonna be varm here, so they packed the wrong clothes. But luckily it's gonna be warmer in the weekend :)


AAARRGHHH, Fb is being a friggin pain in my ass, it wont upload my pics the normal way so I have to do it "the old fashioned way" and it's taking forever and then my page like freaked out and FB said I have no pictures when EVERYONE who knows me know I have like 22 photo albums, that's a lot of pictures...

Anyways, I'm too tired to upload pics now so I'll do it tomorrow... And we're not going to Universal tomorrow but we are gonna go shop! :D

See ya later :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Movie Day

Today has been a movie day! First we watched Up which I thought was cute, then we saw Toy Story 3 which I had been dying to see and it was AWESOME! Especially Ken and the 3 aliens, so adorable. I loved Toy Story as a kid too so it was fun to see it 'cause andy was all grown up, just like me :) And then a few minutes ago I finished watching Julie&Julia and that was a good movie too :) So all 3 movies were good!

Oh, I totally forgot to promote my best friends BLOG! It's in swedish but hey, luckily someone invented Google translate (although it kinda sucks sometimes :D ) it's her christmas blog 'cause she's SO BORED when I'm not there ;)

The adress is

Well, good night people :) Tomorrow we're gonna go se... what, LIONS? :O

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Black Swan

So yesterday we pretty much chilled also but later we went to some Friend's house and had dinner. We ate lasagna and dessert, it was nice :) Later when we came home I watched the 2nd half of the new Alice in Wonderland which I hadn't seen yet and then me and Nadya watched Whip It with Ellen Page... It was a cool movie :) And before we went to the dinner we watched Back To The Future || which I LOVE!

Today the kids are staying home while the parents go to the Dolphins (American football team) game so no other big plans... On monday we're going to this Lion Safari thing I guess and on tuesday we might go to... UNIVERSAL STUDIOS where the new Harry Potter Theme Park is located! YEAAH!
Oh another movie I wanna see is Black Swan with Natalie Portman. I'll put the trailer here:

I also wanna see this movie called 172 hours (aaah, James Franco!) Hahha, one of the comments on outube was : This movie was 175 hours shorter then promised, I want my money back :P

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ho ho ho! Hahha, sorry for the poor update yesterday but I didn't have time ( ok I had a little time but c'mon! It's christmas!) So yesterday we pretty much chilled the whole day (except Tessa, she cooked the most amazing food) and then at like 6 we ate and it was SO GOOD! Luckily we have some leftovers :P
Then me and Nadya performed Last Christmas and then we opened presents. I got:

- A Ralph Lauren Bathrobe, it's soo soft
- Pyjamas
- A necklace from my mom that says Mother, Daughter, Friends
- Wing-earrings
- A Glee-shirt that has like different casette tapes on it and the it has black sleeves... It's hard to explain but it's really cool
-`A wallet that's black and it has a mouth with vampire teeth on it
- In the wallet a 15 dollar I-tunes gift card and a 100 dollar america express giftcard... I have some shopping to do ;)
- an abercromie & fitch hoodie!
... I think that was it... pretty awesome huh?