Thursday, June 21, 2018

What I do when I'm alone

The past few weeks have pretty much flown by, and it feels like I haven't really done anything other than been to work. In fact, the only pictures I have on my phone from the last couple of weeks are pictures of the food I've eaten and me laying on the couch. Yup, that pretty much summarizes it! Well, there is also a picture of my mom from our lunch date the other day. We ate at Delhi Darbar, an Indian place down the street and I swear I was still full from the meal when I woke up the next morning. 

I don't know why, but I've been super tired lately. Yesterday, when I had a day off, I ended up sleeping for 12 hours and waking up at 1 in the afternoon. Woops. This is what happens when I'm home alone and don't put an alarm on... I did however write on my thesis for a couple of hours, so not the whole day was wasted. Later in the evening Emppu and Julle came over. We drank some wine and watched movies on Netflix, which was just what I needed! 

While yesterday was all about chilling, today I went out for a run and a stair workout with Anni. It was raining, which was actually refreshing. It wasn't until I was almost home that it really started pouring and I was completely soaked! I jumped in a hot shower, which felt heavenly. The plans for the rest of the night is pretty much just to sit in my bathrobe and chillax before the weekend, which I will spend at work.

Yes, I am working the whole midsummer. I don't mind it that much - André is also working, my parents are going to a summer cottage and my friends are all spending midsummer with their own families and boyfriends, so I might as well be at work! Plus, the weather is supposed to be like it has been today - rainy and cold. That suits me just fine!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

riverboats & stair workouts

After a week of work I finally have some days off, so I've been making the most of it by seeing friends, making food and working out.
My new outfit, I've been trying to buy more colorful clothes because most of the things I have are black or grey (although, I did end up buying a black top as well but it was super cute!)
It's true, Sunday was my first day off so after making some chicken and sweet potato fries (while I've been at work André was kind enough to make dinner for most of last week so it was my turn to return the favor) I hopped on the bike and met my friends by one of the river boats. I was sporting a new top and some new jeans so I was feeling my oats, so to speak. Plus, I hadn't been to any of the riverboats for a drink this summer yet, so it was about time! 

My fraaands

On Monday it was back to work, but only for one day because I had (or still have) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off. It turned out to be quite a long shift though, because I was called in early, so I ended up working a 12 hour shift. Well, it wasn't that bad actually, my customers were super friendly and I got a decent amount of tips too. I'm actually surprised that so many people tip in Finland, because it certainly not something you have to do. But after a long shift where you've been standing and walking around for 10 hours (sometimes without a break) it's nice to feel that the work you do is appreciated. So, if you feel like the service you receive is good, let the staff know! Even a friendly word does a lot!

Yesterday I also went training with a few of my teammates. I might have mentioned in the previous post that I've been sick and I definitely still have a runny nose, which is probably one of the reasons why running stairs yesterday felt soooo hard. But the views and the weather was pretty amazing, as well as the company of course !

Today I've had a really nice and mellow start to my day, I've just been watching youtube videos, playing guitar and went to have lunch. In the evening we're meeting my dad and little brother at the movies, we're seeing Deadpool 2 and I'm sure it'll be a blast!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

What I'm watching this summer

I have a long list of TV shows that I've started watching recently, or plan on watching this summer when I become a "ferry widower" when André starts working again and is gone for a week every other week, so I figured I might as well share that list with you:

What I'm watching:

The Handmaid's tale (or the "Handmade's tail" as one Finnish newspaper called it, I guess that would've been a very different show).

I just started watching this show yesterday, as the three first episodes are available for free on Yle Areena. The show displays an alternate dystopian future where fertile women are forced into sexual servitude. I have been hearing about this show for the longest time, but always thought it seemed a little bit "old-timey" (mostly because of their attire) and I don't usually like old-timey shows. But after watching the first 2.5 episodes, I find it's very intriguing and definitely hope they'll release more episodes on Yle Areena!


I've been watching Scandal for a month or so now, and it's a great show for binging. The show is about the current administration in the White House, and about Olivia Pope, a lawyer who worked with the president on his campaign. It's from the maker of Grey's Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder, so you can expect a lot of drama. Every episode you're basically thinking "How will they get away with this?". However, with the current state of American politics, the crazy things that happen of the show seem more believable, somehow...

What I'm planning on watching:

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I've already seen the three first seasons, which follow Kimmy Schmidt as she tries to adapt to the real world after being kidnapped as a teenager and held captive for most of her adult life (yes, this is a comedy), and now Netflix has released the fourth. The show is quirky, fun, and just something you should watch if you feel like digesting something lighthearted (despite the kidnap/captive story).

Arrested Development

Another Netflix revival, hurray! It's been a while since I watched this show about the very special Bluth family, and now the fifth season is available on the streaming service. This show is infuriating to watch at times, and the characters really have a way of messing things up. At the same time, the show has so many iconic funny moments.

Terrace House

This is a show I actually don't know much about, but I've seen it on the front page of my Netflix account for quite a while, and I've also seen people online recommend watching it. I guess it's some sort of Japanese reality show? That's all I know, but I will definitely give it a try because it looks interesting!

That's what I'll be watching, what about you?

Thursday, June 7, 2018

24 hours in Rome

Last post about Italy, promise!

Day 1

So the last 24 hours or so of our trip was spent in the capital of Italy, Rome! Since our trip to Naples had been so great, we didn't have very high expectations of Rome, we basically figured we'd try to see as many of the historic monuments and attractions in the short time we were there. Our hotel was actually in a great location for doing just that - the colosseum was literally just around the corner!

The great thing about Rome is that you can pretty much walk everywhere, and around every corner you will see some cool ancient ruins or a great, massive building. I had thought that we would need both the evening of Monday and Tuesday afternoon to have time to see everything, but we actually managed to see everything in just a couple of hours! Then again, we didn't get any tickets to see attractions like Forum Romanum or Colosseum from the inside, instead just settled with taking pics from the outside.


My favorite was definitely Fontana Di Trevi. It was just so beautiful, and the atmosphere around the place felt super serene even though there were literally hundreds of people around it!

Other than the sights, I also really enjoyed just walking around the streets of Rome, many of the alley ways were really cool, especially the area close to our hotel which had a real hipster vibe to it. Btw, we thought it was quite funny that our hotel was named "Nakissa Inn", because 'nakissa' literally translates to "inside a sausage" in Finnish!

Peroni in the hotel room

Day 2

We weren't quite sure what to do the second day, as we had been able to see most of the sites the day before. Our flight didn't leave until 8 in the evening, so we had all afternoon in Rome. So we decided to just start walking, and seeing where it takes us!

We ended up visiting Villa Borghese, a huge park area near the Spanish steps. There, we rented bikes and spent an hour cycling through the park, which was really nice after having spent the majority of the trip walking everywhere! 

Animal friends! 

Afterwards we started to make our way back to the area close to our hotel. After having eaten pizza and pasta for lunch and dinner almost every day, we were craving something else and found this super cute mexican place close to our hotel. The food was delicious, definitely just what we needed!

Pretty soon it was time to say goodbye to Rome and start making our way to the airport and back to Finland! 

All I can say is that I had a great time in Italy and will definitely be back in the future!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Skies be lookin' fiiiine

I still have one post from Italy scheduled, but this is not that post!

It's back to (summer) business, which means I'm once again a full-time waitress. It's actually kind of nice to have a working routine; since I'm working at the same place as last summer, I know how everything works and all I really have to worry about is showing up and doing everything I'm supposed to do. When you're studying on the other hand, you might have more "time off" but in reality, the stress of finishing school work is always following you, and you're constantly thinking about what you need to do and stressing about getting everything done. Plus, how can you not feel anything but happy when the skies look like this when you get off from work at ten thirty?

Other than work, I've had time to hang out with my family and my friends. At my parents' house we ate good food, talked, chilled, played darts, watched a movie, and took Maya out for a walk in the rhododendron park close to where my parents live. The flowers are in bloom right now, making the forest look really magical!

BBQ//Singing "Happy Birthday to Adam via Facetime//Maya is always looking for a friend to give her some food from the table

On Sunday evening Emppu and Ella came over for a movie night. We ended up watching a Netflix film called "The Kissing Booth" which we were expecting to be quite a cheesy. teen romantic comedy. It was, but it was actually not too cringy, and in the end we totally shipped the main couple of the movie!

Monday, June 4, 2018

An ancient porn collection & getting blessed by a priest (kinda)

Since we didn't have time to visit Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, which are obviously some of the most popular tourist destinations in Napoli, we decided to go to the national archaeological museum to experience at least some of the history of the area. The museum was actually huge, and also one of the most important archaeological museums in Europe. There was definitely lots to see, it's quite impressive how much has been preserved and in such good condition:

Some people are just so big in their heads...

Oceanus with a cornucopia (the horn of plenty) and Hercules, looking real judgemental

Wish I could tell you that after studying Latin for two periods I would be able to decipher these, but nah...
It's aries season (any dink fam readers? no?)

Pshhh, I don't need to see the Sistine Chapel, I got to see this!

Gotta love a good mummy display.

I particularly enjoyed the mosaics that were on display and the ancient porn collection (ok, some of the items there were supposedly used in rituals for "protection", but it looked like porn to me). 

The museum also had a random Star Wars exhibition, which was a pleasant surprise. I guess the idea was to show the similarities between storytelling in mythology and the star wars universe. Since I don't read Italian and don't know too much about Star Wars, I treated the experience as an opportunity to  take silly pictures with the life size puppets!

After the museum we walked back to Via Toledo, and grabbed lunch at this stand which sold baked goods. We had walked past this place every day, and every day there were hordes of people standing at the counter, so we just had to try it out once. The pizza slice was delicious, a perfect quick lunch! And of course we had to have ice cream, this time I went with strawberry and cookies & cream, soo yummy!

Gotta get that instagram picture, no matter how many people stand in the way.

In the evening, we grew sadder knowing that this was our last night in Naples. It had truly been a magical trip and everything had gone so much better than we could have ever imagined. We had a delicious dinner at a small restaurant in the Spanish Quarter, and ate some traditional Neapolitan dishes. We ended the meal with limoncello, a lemon liquor from Sorrento, and walked down Via Toledo for the last time. It was a Sunday, but the streets were more alive than any other night. They also had some sort of catholic march going through the city, where orchestras played songs, people walked with huge flags and statutes of religious figures and priests stopped to say prayers and bless the area.  It was the perfect ending to our time in Napoli, and we went to bed feeling grateful (and blessed, literally).

Next morning, we got up, had our last breakfast at Augustus, packed our bags and made our way to the train station. The trip wasn't over yet - Arrivederci Napoli and Ciao Roma!